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Why does Fox sync only 1 day of history? How can I have history to be saved (never purged) forever?

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Whenever I use Firefox, I sign into my Firefox Sync account.

Today is July 16 Thursday. At my school, I can see that my Firefox histoy goes back through July 14, and further. I didn't check how far back it goes, because I needed to review just my history for July 14. I used that same school computer to browse

But now at the library, I just signed into my Firefox sync account and it only goes back to yesterday, July 15.

I have several questions. 1. Why does the library Firefox only sync to yesterday July 15? 2. If I were just to use one, and only one, computer (let's say my own laptop) to surf with Firefox, how long can the history go back till? What I mean is: Does the Firefox program automatically purge history after X number of days/weeks/months? 3. If so, how can I tell my Firefox program to never purge my history? I want my history to be stored indefinitely, just like how my Google searches are stored for me to refer to when I want/need to. 4. If there's no way to prevent Firefox to purge history, what's the best way to export my history in some human-readable format (like csv)?

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Firefox saves sync history for 2 months and sync tabs for 7 days.

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adity, you're right. I just had to wait a few more minutes I guess.