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How to always get media in lowset quality?

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I'm on a contract with 4G/5G connection speed but with very limited data usage allowance. Many websites choose to play HD media because of the very fast connection, but this is terrible for my plan. I want a setting to tell Firefox to always save as much bandwidth as possible and always choose lowest possible quality for every media. Or at the very least not load videos as long as I'm trying to change the automatically pre-determined video quality. With FF69 clicking on a video on Youtube will start loading and playing HD quality and thus simply wasting precious bandwidth.

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Hi yabahut,

There is an extension called Auto HD|LQ for YouTube™ which displays the lowest quality setting automatically while watching YouTube for saving bandwidth : Auto HD|LQ for YouTube™ {link}

This will create an icon on your toolbar which you will click on and click LQ to set the quality of the videos to the lowest setting.

Hope this helps!

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Hi WMagicModel,

thank you for this answer! While helpful I fear this extension will be only helpful for one website. Is there a way to enable this for other websites?

I found this article in the meantime: https://www.keycdn.com/blog/save-data

Is there a way to configure such properties like save-data in Firefox? It would be great if there was an unified setting "Save data extreme" and after setting this, then there is no autoplay/autoload/autocache for any media/video/stream, on play videos are always in the lowest quality, websites are advised to send lean data and minimize traffic and so on.

Thanks and best regards!

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AFAIK the youtube app would be a better usage of your data limits to control the media quality playback.