Kërkoni te Asistenca

Shmangni karremëzime gjoja asistence. S’do t’ju kërkojmë kurrë të bëni një thirrje apo të dërgoni tekst te një numër telefoni, apo të na jepni të dhëna personale. Ju lutemi, raportoni veprimtari të dyshimtë duke përdorur mundësinë “Raportoni Abuzim”.

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Removing site data for one site wipes cookies for all sites.

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Click the hamburger button.

Click options.

Click Privacy and Security.

Click the settings button under the Site Data heading.

Select a single site from the list.

Click Remove Selected.

Click Save changes.

A box pops up warning that "all cookies" will be deleted.

Click Clear Now and all site data and all cookies are deleted.

This should only remove "site data" for the selected site/s. It shouldn't have any effect on cookies at all let alone wipe "all" of them.

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Hi, yes, this is not the best way to handle the merging of various kinds of site data into a combined dialog.

At first I couldn't figure out how you got that message, but I discovered that if you remove ALL SITES from the box one by one, then you get the "clear all cookies" behavior. Compare the two attached screenshots.

This is confusing because the box was not displaying the full list of site with cookies, it was displaying some other category of site data.

Do you want to file a bug? There apparently are going to be other changes to this dialog related to clearing cache, so its design/behavior seems to be up-for-grabs.