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why does malware keep attaching themselves to the browser? This causes me to reset it every 2 - 3 days.

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Every 2 - 3 days I have to reset my browser. My anti spyware program pops up and says that I have gone to some infected web site and that it's got malware. I check out the URL, and (1) I haven't ever been to that site, and/or (2) it doesn't even exist. This even occurred when I went to my own e-mail box; my anti spyware program went crazy every 60 secs. telling me this was an infected web site. At first I thought my e-mail box had been hacked into again. I tried to contact Mozilla support, but because of this issue, no matter what web site I attempted to go to, again and again I kept getting the same warning over and over. So I reset my browser IE Mozilla Firefox again on Monday morning. Now I'm doing again this morning. Monday isn't the first time I've reset my browser, as stated before I have to do this every 2 - 3 days. I started to notice something was wrong in November 2013, when my browser would just start opening up additional tabs, automatically, without my pressing the + sign, and I didn't think anything about it; I just closed the tabs, and went on with what I was doing; but then when it occurred several times in succession in one afternoon, that was too much. Mozilla support is the one who suggested the reset of the browser.... but still why does the malware keep attaching itself to the browser? This resetting business is getting very annoying.

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If you have an infected system, Firefox will get infected no matter how many times you reset it. Refer to a specialized forum to clear the malware from your system.

If you haven't disabled the malware and phishing protection features, and you have a good and up-to-date anti-virus, then visiting web sites shouldn't be an issue. Installing questionable software on the other hand allows malware to do anything on your system.

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