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when i download files on MEGA it says that I don't have enough system space but on MEGA i only have file with 128MB and on my disk 120GB, what's wrong?

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i'm trying to download small files like 190MB, together is max.1GB with MEGA. it comes to 100% but then i got a message that i don't have enough system space. on MEGA i have only around 1GB and my disc is at 120GB. i don't know what to do

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Hi copycat667,

Please see your system resources in order to find out how much space you have left for this MEGA program you are having difficulties with.

I do not completely understand your question, but I will do my best to answer. If you are downloading files from a website called Mega on Firefox, it may be that the space allocated to the folder it is downloading to is out of space or that there is a limitation on the website how much you can download in a certain time period?

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Mega uses a filesytem api to detect the size left: this may put you in the right direction.