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bookmarks first


when I click into the address bar on Firefox Mobile, Hot Sites is the default 1st tab. Is it possible to have Bookmarks as the first tab?

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ThunderLion 2 rešitev 28 odgovorov

Koristen odgovor

You can't change around which tabs are where you want them to be. However, you can make a suggestion for Mozilla to add this to Firefox mobile in the suggestion box.

Koristen odgovor

Cheers for that. It's pretty silly having where I've just been first rather than where I want to be. I shall put the suggestion forward.

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You can just start typing part of the bookmark name in the address bar. Firefox will search your bookmarks and history. After a short while of using Firefox it should learn what sites you most commonly go to.

Andy_P 0 rešitev 8 odgovorov

I agree with the OP. I HATE all this "top sites" rubbish, and just want to get to my bookmarks (and homepage) as quickly as possible.

Type part of the name? Surely avoiding having to invoke the keyboard. is the whole point of bookmarks!