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How do I import bookmarks from dolphin browser for Android device (samsung galaxy note 10.1)?


I would like to be able to import my bookmarks from one browser (dolphin jetpack) to Firefox - but only using one device. I do not have a second computer and only use my tablet - a Samsung galaxy note 10.1. is there anyway of importing without syncing with another device?

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There is no import from Dolphin. Android places each program in its own silo. No other program can access Dolphin's bookmarks/history/passwords.

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That's not true. Dolphin has a Bookmarks to SD add on. For some reason, it's hard to find in play store. But it's there. Here's the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.mgeek.BookmarkPlugin -- You can sync bookmarks with Chrome (never tried), or export them to your SD card (works well), where they appear as an HTML file named as date of export. On my phone they're in: mnt/sdcard/TunnyBrowser/Bookmarks.

Android users are accustomed to a working flash player to browse full sites in desktop mode--and not having to go to laptop if a You Tube video isn't on mobile, nor having to leave browser and search You Tube app for blank flash video from IMDB, Amazon. etc. Google will let you install a previous version of flash on new Android devices without rooting, or even warning of stability. But since both Dolphin and Chrome block flash, Firefox will get their disgruntled former customers. A browser designed for mobile devices, but with desktop accessibility, is where a major gap just opened up in market. Helpful if you can answer those questions to transition Dolphin users. I loved that browser.