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Can't uninstall or reinstall Firefox. Tried EVERY suggestion and route. Edge works, but I want Firefox. It's there on the desktop, but it won't open. We already got a suggestion

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WE TRIED ALL THIS STUFF BELOW: "You can check for issues caused by a corrupted or incomplete Visual C++ installation that is missing runtime components (Redistributable Packages) required by Firefox, especially VCRUNTIME140_1.dll.

See "Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019": You may not need the latter (32-bit version) if you use 64-bit Firefox. You may have to reboot the computer.

On computer startup, there's a message like the one above Tthat pops up, but related to itunes: "...especially VCRUNTIME140_1.dll."

Several hours wasted already trying to fix this over two weeks. It finally worked okay the first time, but then I X'd out a couple of small boxes that popped up on the desktop on the next startup without paying attention to what they said. Back to being messed up. My bad.

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