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Looks like I have memory leakage

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I use 56.0.1 (64-bit). For the sake of this question, I just opened FF, did not use it and I have 2 open tabs. The extension 'about:addons-memory' claims I use a total of 69.24 MB. The extension 'Tab Memory Usage' claims I use 10.4+30.3=40.7 MB. The task manager claims Firefox uses over 400 MB. Once I start working with FF, memory usage will fly up the roof (according to the task manager, not according to the 2 abovementioned extensions) and performance will drop accordingly.

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If you send a Support question please turn on send info to Mozilla before you do so so that we have an idea of what we are working with/on.

It could be video card drivers it could be Extensions We have no idea.......

Try : Type in the address bar about:studies Any extensions that you see listed there, you can either disable or remove, See for further information :

try : Type in the address bar <b>about:support look at Multiprocess Windows Please report what is there.

Same place go to Memory Use click and then run the first button far left. If it shows that there is a wack of Ghost Addresses (bug) close all tabs and hit refresh a bunch of times. Report back on that please.

Then do :

Please provide your OS and Version # Please supply list of Extensions on your return.