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FF 30: four web pages consume about 333 MB of memory

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I used about:memory to investigate memory usage by FF 30.

The steps: 1. Start FF. 2. Load 4 web page (two of those is on the Google Calendar forum, one - GMail with simple html view, and another - web page with text content and few scripts). 3. Build memory usage report with about:memory.

The main results: 628.23 MB (100.0%) -- explicit 333.69 MB (53.12%) -- window-objects 226.20 MB (36.01%) ++ top(!topicsearchin/calendar/flair/calendar/8RV2ZSCoJ4E, id=436) ─49.94 MB (07.95%) ++ top( 29.78 MB (04.74%) ++ (110 tiny)

"110 tiny" of 29.78 MB (04.74%) contains windows with another two opened web pages and 108 preloaded tabs in the Tree Style Tab plugin with about 0.20 MB (00.03%) per each _blank_ tab (it is not a problem).

Does it realy need to cosume 226.20 MB by one web page of Google Calendar help forum? How to get lower memory usage for hard AJAX web pages?

PS How to attach memory-report.json.gz?

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Worad: for the json files. How to lower ajax pages, specifically the google group forum pages, I am not sure. You can try to refresh the page and also check out the recommendations here on memory usage: Firefox uses too much memory or CPU resources - How to fix

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memory-report.json.gz is a file for direct loading on FF's about:memory page to get handy report view and navigability. I could not undastand the JSON content of the file to copypaste usefull part to pastebin. Now the file is here.

Before post the questinon I tried most of the recomended tips to reduce memory usage by FF (including "Firefox uses too much memory (RAM) - How to fix" and some others). I think those tips give very small effect because the problem resides at the data structure and some programming concepts used by FF.

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Worad, I am not an expert yet on reading memory reports, but it looks like it is a hierarchy of types of memory being used in the current session.

total memory used: 628.23 MB (100.0%) -- explicit top memory general categories: ──333.69 MB (53.12%) -- window-objects ├──132.49 MB (21.09%) -- js-non-window ├───45.56 MB (07.25%) ── heap-unclassified ├───35.66 MB (05.68%) -- add-ons ├───23.58 MB (03.75%) -- heap-overhead ├───22.98 MB (03.66%) -- storage ├───21.18 MB (03.37%) ++ (19 tiny) └───13.09 MB (02.08%) -- xpconnect

The top two general are background js and heap memory stored for later. The three top pages taking up the most memory are the calendar group and the group forum, the third is the xul platform which is Firefox ui. Leaving those web pages open created a ton of memory to run in the back ground. Refreshing these pages may also reduce memory usage.

Storage is offline cache and addons are obviously addons. You can clear the cache or remove cookies as well and disable unused addons. Then restart Firefox and even less should be used.

Hope this helps.