Povečanje in pomanjšanje spletnih strani v Firefoxu za Android

Naši prostovoljci ravno prevajajo ta članek. Dokler ne bo preveden, vam bo mogoče prišla prav angleška različica.

You can easily zoom into a web page to get a closer look. This article covers the different methods and options for zooming.

How does double-tapping work?

To make Firefox zoom into a section on a web page, just double-tap the area you'd like to see. Double-tap again to zoom out.

Zoom3_Native Zoom4_Native

How does pinch to zoom work?

You can also zoom into a page by using pinch gestures.

Text will not be reformatted when you use pinch to zoom.

To zoom in:

  • Just place two finger tips on the screen and move them away from each other.

To zoom out:

  • Use a pinch gesture (move your finger tips closer together).
Tip: If you've zoomed way in with the pinch gesture, double tap, then double tap again to return your view to normal.

Go ahead, give your device a little pinch. We won't look!

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