How to localize the SUMO interface

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Translating KB articles is an important part of localizing SUMO, but, of course, another key part is translating the website itself. This article will show you how to do that.

Localizing strings

For this we use Verbatim - If you need an introduction into Verbatim, please read Using Verbatim to Localize SUMO. As always, if you have any questions about Verbatim or support localization, just contact me, Rosana - rardila (at) mozilla (dot) com.

We currently have two servers for SUMO:


The first one is our real server, called prod. The second one is for testing. Things you translate on Verbatim are automatically transferred to the testing server. We have to manually transfer over strings to prod, which happens once a week.

Localizing navigation pages

The desktop home page is composed of several areas and a header. The Mozilla News area is a Wiki navigation page. The "Ask a question" header (and "Get community support" box when browsing a product) links to a Wiki navigation page.

They are listed in navigation articles to localize along with some articles linked to from products (for reasons, see the article discussion).

SUMO Home - Navigation Pages

The mobile home page has a menu that links to the same navigation pages.

Mobile Menu - Navigation Pages

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