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Weird Audio/Embed Issue On Tumblr

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Today is when I noticed this, but it may have been going on for a bit longer. Anyways...

Whenever I have tried to go through music posts, specifically ones that are YouTube embeds/originating from YouTube, (Tumblr-uploaded music and Soundcloud ones are working just fine), I will click play, and then pause the music if it sounds good, then scroll down or up to get to the next post. However, when I scroll back to the location of the post that I paused, the video will restart without me clicking. This is not happening when a post is in my Likes, Queue, or Drafts- just on my Dash, Tags, or Main Page.

In Short: Music posts from YouTube in my Dash, Tags, and Main Page/Home Page pause fine and don't restart if I don't scroll, but if I do scroll, and then scroll back up or down, they restart.

Some things of note: -I tried replicating this issue in Google Chrome, and it did not happen (hence why I am posting this here. And before anyone tells me to just use Chrome...I'd rather not have to go to an entirely different browser just to use a specific function of a specific site in a specific place). -I tried restarting my computer twice- didn't work. -I tried both resetting FireFox and starting it in Safe Mode- Again, didn't work. -Tried resetting my internet connection- Once again, no dice. -Checked both my version and my plugins. Firefox is up to date, and my plugin checker lists everything as up to date as well. - This issue does not occur if I am actually viewing videos on YouTube itself. Just Tumblr (I don't know if any other sites are experiencing this problem). -I doubt this is an issue with my computer itself, as the problem only crops up in the areas and browser listed above.

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I'll test that as soon as I can get that downloaded, or whatnot. Which brings up another few questions- 1) How do I download things like Greasemonkey userscripts or Stylish userstyles? And for that matter, how do I get Greasemonkey/Stylish? 2) What do I do/how do I uninstall those programs if they don't work? (I trust you, but like I said, I like to have my bases covered just in case)

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Also, it seems weird that it would only do that while on Firefox (it doesn't do that in Chrome, for some reason), and even then only while in a Tag or on the Dashboards and not the Likes/Queue/Drafts. More out of curiosity than anything, why do you suppose that is?

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I mean, is there some difference in the script that is causing it to play (and pause!) as it should in those places? And if so, what is that difference?

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Two things are interacting here:

(1) On certain pages, Tumblr blanks and redisplays content as you scroll up and down. It does this by assigning the style rule display:none to hide it, then removes that rule to redisplay the content. I have no idea why they do this.

(2) Adding and removing display:none appears to have a different effect in Firefox than in other browsers. My test page demonstrates that Firefox treats plugins differently than other kinds of elements when hidden: it seem to deactivate them when display:none is applied, and when that rule is removed, it is as though they are reinitialized.

You can download the Greasemonkey extension from the Add-ons site: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/

You can install userscripts from a wide range of websites. Many are hosted at userscripts.org, but whatever you install, be cautious about a spate of imitations uploaded in the past 6 months with embedded code to hack your Facebook account, which the administrators have been too slow to remove.

You can remove or disabled unwanted userscripts on the Add-ons page (a new category will appear alongside Appearance, Extensions and Plugins after you install Greasemonkey).

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Okay, thanks. Seeing as you posted a link to a script that I assume you made, how do I go about putting that into Greasemonkey? If you could, please tell me step-by-step (and screenshot if it isn't too much to ask)?

I'm sorry I'm asking you to do all this, I'm probably distracting from more dire questions...thanks though.

I will also be out for a while, so please leave this thread open, as I would like to come back to it to reply in case there are problems or the script doesn't work (again, I trust you in that it does, since I assume you tried it yourself, but yeah).

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Also, would the script adversely affect such things as Facebook Messaging?

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In brief, after you install the Greasemonkey extension, when you click the Install button on the upper right side of the script page you will get a little dialog to install the script. I have attached a screenshot from a different script page which illustrates which button it is.

Edit: Added a screenshot showing the install dialog.

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Mkay, looks like it works. I still have to check my queue shuffle feature when it's done running, but so far it is not only working, but not interfering with the other stuff I use.

Also: Also, would the script adversely affect such things as Facebook Messaging? Or is this script pretty much restricted to Tumblr?

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Hi ponyparty, this script only runs on Tumblr. When you see the install dialog, it lists the URL patterns that Greasemonkey will use to decide when the run the script. This one is


The * stands for "any character" so this runs on all http or https pages on www.tumblr.com. It wouldn't run on myblog.tumblr.com and definitely not on Facebook.

There is an exception to that general statement: if someone were to post a framed Tumblr page on Facebook somehow, the script would modify the page inside the frame. However, it wouldn't modify the Facebook page itself.

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Ahh, okay.

Like I said, I've gotta check and see my other extensions when they're done going, but so far so good.

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Okay, looks like all is well!

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