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Adobe uninstaller keeps claiming firefox open, when it is not

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I have been having numerous plug in failures in the last few days and have uninstalled on at least 3 occasions today and reinstalled and still the problems Persists. On my latest effort to activate uninstallation, adobe claims that Mozilla is open, when I had deliberately closed it before activating the uninstaller.

It wasn't and just sits there like a massive unwanted t*rd, no good to man or beast. Running under Windows 7 and there was an Adobe update in the last few days. Seems to me that every time there is an Adobe update the problem resurfaces.

Does not Adobe checj their stuff. Reloading 11.7 doesn't work, nor 11.8 and 12 seems to be as useless as a bad smell in a phonebox!

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Make sure there is no firefox.exe process running in Task manager, that is also the reason Firefox says it's open but non responding.

Another option is to download Flash setup, then reboot computer, then start setup without going through Firefox.

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but I cannot uninstall the plugin because it claims firefox is open, and the problem also continues even after I close down skype, same message telling me Mozilla is open so cannot run uninstall. If further install the update, the problem is still there. Come to think of it, the problem occurs every time adobe updates itself. Time for Adobe to clean house and clean up their mess.

Task manager shows no mozilla, but Adobe still says it is open.

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We should forward this to Adobe and tell them to add a "Install anyway" option that should always exist.

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After much fiddling, including closing skype, (uninstaller seems to identify this as a mozilla program) managed to download and run uninstaller. Then ran installation. Didn't cure the problem, and it stalls the loading of screens until I have stopped the plug in after the message appears.

As previously stated, seems to re-occur after Adobe updates. As it also seems to affect IE and Chrome, this is clearly an Adobe problem, with them dumping defective products on the great unwashed. The fact that it is free is no excuse for causing many people big problems and causing aggravation and wasting their time. No excuse for sloppy work.

But, thank you for the offer of and attempted assistance, which was of little effect, because of Adobe's slap dash attitude and rotten programming.

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BTW, every time I reload/refresh a programme, instead of a straight reload, it freezes part way through, until the plugin error message appears and I hit the stop the plug in key, even though the plugin is not required. It refers to shockwave flash, which I do not have, and even when I did the error message still came up. Another message that also appears, referring to continuin or stopping the script. Trying to provide fullest detail.

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Latest idea.

If the problem is the installer detects something as Mozilla...

Try to install Flash in Windows Safe Mode (that is, press F8 just before Windows logo appears on boot).

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After an uninstall?

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No well, uninstall and install from Windows failsafe, yes.

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Sorry, didn't work. Shockwave, which I didn't load , is busy inviting continue or stop. Adobe are a shower of incompetents, this problem has been occuring for getting on for 10 years, through their various so called updates, but they are too thick to properly address or deal with the problem.

Mad, you bet.

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nokia n9

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amindashti, don't understand the reference, nokia n9.

However, tried downloading safari, but on picking a site, eg itv, never stops loading (never displays the screen, even minutes after starting), also having reloaded 11.8, nothing has changed but have now noted that skype will not connect, and I cannot stop the attempted connection without rebooting.

Another interesting twist, even though all programs closed, on shut down, windows shows a program running, inviting a forced shutdown, although no program listed. It does shut down after a delay. And that after the download after the latest version (on invitation) of the new flash program.

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Just as a follow up.

When I booted up today, the plug in was working but my skype was screwed up, ie to test working I called the test service and then couldn't disconnect, and this had been the position since Friday, the only difference being that I could hear the attempted connection. No connection made, but I couldn't stop the call other than by quitting skype, but even that didn't help.

At the same time I was able to get into games and run them.

After the reboot, I was back to the same problem since the start of the weekend.

Several reboots later and after doing a few things, with the pug in failure, my emails started playin up, wouldn't allow me in, asking for authorisation, but refusing to recognise my details, loop de loop.

So I connected to my server's support (plusnet, absolutel brilliant, stellar compared to that useless shower, TalkTalk who couldn't run a whelk stall, never min find snow at the North Pole) and after much going around and certain resettings (I know not what) they got things going on my email sending and receiving, and BINGO, the games are back on and the connection is a damn sight faster.

For info, as it may help someone to resolve the problems elsewhere.

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And as a further follow up, the download has clearly reset a number things, the plugins (maybe even the sound card settings), skype, emails, and lord knows what else.

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Firefox did an update, and that solved the problem, it would appear the crashing plugin. Now to resolve the issue it created with Skype (rings without connecting and messages sent take many hours to go, and receiving messages takes equally long).

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I spoke too soon, the failure of Flash plugin has started again