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Firefox Having A Multitude Of Issues-NEED HELP ASAP STILL NOT SOLVED

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Hello. Since yesterday, I have been having quite a few issues with Tumblr while in Firefox. In order to avoid repeating the first issue, I shall link to it here, as it has not yet been resolved: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/964430?esab=a&s=&r=0&as=s

However, I am now having a second problem. For those who are not familiar with Tumblr, when one is logged in and goes to a blog that is not their own, there are buttons that appear in either the upper or lower (depending on the theme) right corners of the page, like this: http://i905.photobucket.com/albums/ac254/unholycow/supposedtolook_zps9074a183.jpg These are supposed to show up NO MATTER WHAT BROWSER IS BEING USED. ON EVERY BLOG. Be it Firefox, Chrome (what was used here, and therefore is obviously working), Internet Explorer, whatever...they're supposed to show up. And until at least a couple of hours ago, they WERE showing up. However, now when I go to pages on Firefox, they look like this: http://i905.photobucket.com/albums/ac254/unholycow/notsupposedtolook_zps1e14f35d.jpg Note that the buttons that were showing up in Chrome are missing here.

I have tried reinstalling Firefox, resetting it, starting it in Safe Mode, restarting my internet connection, and restarting my computer, and none of this has solved the problem...either problem. The buttons still aren't showing up. I don't know if this is a problem on Tumblr's end, or a problem on Firefox's end, but obviously something is wrong here, and- judging by the fact that things work fine in other browsers- the problem probably isn't with my computer itself.

This problem is very upsetting to me for many reasons: -First off, all of my bookmarks are stored on Firefox...which means all the blogs I go to for frequent reblogging (for those who aren't familiar with the concept- look it up, I dunno how to explain it) are saved on Firefox. Chrome's Favoriting/Bookmarking system is very unwieldy and I never quite got the hang of it...it doesn't look like Firefox's bookmark menu, and it doesn't appear to work like Firefox's bookmark menu. I have no idea how to use it. -Seeing as how all other sites are working on Firefox, except Tumblr, that means I would be going to Chrome JUST for Tumblr. And...I really, really don't like that. Because in addition to having all of my bookmarked sites here, I would be going to Chrome for one single thing. Besides the fact that I despise Chrome and IE, there's the fact that I would rather have one browser and be able to do all those things on that browser, without having to go to another one. -My Firefox is version 22...the most recent version. It has been that version for WEEKS. Weeks, and I have not had this problem until today. While I do make use of Add-ons, the fact that I started this in safe mode, and reset it as well (and as of this typing, I still am in the default mode), shows that Add-ons are not the issue here.

So...can someone give me some idea as to what is going on here?

EDIT: Apparently Photobucket isn't working for some. Here are some imgur versions of the same screenshots: Here is how it is supposed to look...done on Chrome, because it's working there: http://imgur.com/21dei4i How it looks in Safe Mode/Default/whatever Firefox: http://imgur.com/sdcv7da

EDIT 2: Despite the fact that someone tagged a Helpful Reply...said reply DID NOT WORK. I do apologize for not writing that in my OP, but that was another thing I tried. ALSO, I checked the Firefox tag on Tumblr, and it appears other Firefox users are having the same kind of trouble: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/firefox

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Okay. Curious, but what would greasemonkey do to combat this issue?

Otherwise, many thanks for what you're doing here.

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wow sorry to tell you but jscher will have to explain that as he is likey millions times smarter than me at this.

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lol okay. Either way, thanks for your help. Will you still be able to give the Greasemonkey instructions, or will that be the realm of jscher too?

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nope no greasemonkey instructions from me, but from him, likely.

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Okay. I will keep this thread open for him or anyone else that might know. Otherwise, thanks for your help in this.

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It appears Tumblr has fixed this problem.

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