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Latest Java update

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Hi, My Firefox plug-in check is telling me that there is an update for Java, but when I visit the link it's still taking me to the old update (the Java 7 update 9). Also, according to the Java test page, Java 7u9 is still showing that it's the latest...it says I have the recommended version.

Is there an newer update somewhere?


Hi, My Firefox plug-in check is telling me that there is an update for Java, but when I visit the link it's still taking me to the old update (the Java 7 update 9). Also, according to the Java test page, Java 7u9 is still showing that it's the latest...it says I have the recommended version. Is there an newer update somewhere? Thanks.

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It looks as though the issue has been fixed. When checked my plug-ins this evening, the 7u9 had corrected itself and is now displaying the actual update (7u10).

I've uninstalled the 7u9 completely and everything is checking out on FF! :)

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1_FFF: Yes, In "Add or Remove Programs" BOTH "Java 7 Update 10" AND "Java 7 Update 9" are listed. In the Java Control Panel, under "Java Runtime Environment Settings," BOTH versions are listed, and BOTH are checked (enabled).

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Java blog post 12-11-2012 - https://blogs.oracle.com/java/entry/java_updates

  • It says, in part "This releases provides key security features and bug fixes. Oracle strongly recommends that all Java SE 7 users upgrade to this release. JavaFX 2.2.4 is now bundled with the JDK on Windows, Mac and Linux x86/x64."
  • Therefore, the-edmeister, that statement indicates that it is for all Windows, Linux and MAC system.
  • The "Download" link under "Java SE 7 Update 10" directs to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html which is the link recommended numerous times in this thread and is my "go to" link when checking for Java updates.
  • The link to the top of the Java/Oracle blog is https://blogs.oracle.com/java/ with the most current post on top.

Many of the Java/Oracle pages are still pointing to Java 7u9. Either the folks at Oracle has really messed-up on this release or there is some misleading information from Oracle/Java.

Alice_85 - One of the problems that I notice in your latter posts, is that you are clicking on the link on the Plugin Check page which takes you to a Java/Oracle page that offers Java 7u9. In this thread you have been continually told to go to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html to download the off-line JRE and install it after removal of Java 7u9 which you are not doing. You are taking the extra step of clicking on that button on the Plugin Check page.

Below is a page explaining the process for updating to Java 7u10 step-by-step. It recommends the removal of previous Java versions through Windows Control Panel, a step that I have not found necessary in the past and did not need to perform in updating from Java 7u9 to Java 7u10 on my system. See if their advice works for you. You should never have a Deployment Toolkit version and a Platform version that are different. I have seen no posts on the Java forums mentioning the issues being reported here, and I experienced no such issues in the update, so I can not explain what is happening on your systems.

Upravil(a) TheOldFox dňa

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There's another discussion about this on MozillaZine's forum, which mentions a possible missing registry entry with Java 7 update 10 that results in the plugin not being detected:

EDIT: I see this was already mentioned by the-edmeister, earlier in this thread.

I don't see this problem with the latest Java 6 update, by the way. I downgraded from Java 7 to Java 6 awhile ago, back when an unpatched Java 7 security vulnerability surfaced. I just installed Java 6 Update 38 Windows x86 (32-bit) Offline installer jre-6u38-windows-i586.exe on my Windows 7 X64 system yesterday, "over the top" of Java 6 Update 37, with no problem.

Uninstalling Java 7 and installing Java 6 isn't a permanent solution, though, since Oracle is planning to discontinue public Java 6 updates at the end of February 2013. Ref: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Java#Java_downloads

Upravil(a) AliceWyman dňa

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If Firefox doesn't pick up the Java plugin then this is most lkely caused by a missing registry key

  • HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\MozillaPlugins\@java.com/JavaPlugin,version=xx.xx.xx
  • HKLM\Software\MozillaPlugins\@java.com/JavaPlugin,version=xx.xx.xx

You may need to run the Java installer as Administrator to make sure that all registry keys are created or updated

If you do not see the correct plugin version (the plugin check page shows the description field of navigator.plugins as main name and the version field) then it should help to delete the pluginreg.dat file like I posted before.

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Hi, TheOldFox,

I have been downloading 7u10 from the Oracle link provided, that part is fine. When I check the 7u10 in Java's test page, it's not picking up the plug-in. It's the Java test page that takes me back to the older 7u9 version.

I don't have this problem with Safari and IE. When 7u10 is tested in those browsers (without 7u9), it's fine.

Currently I have both 7u10 and 7u9. Right now, at least for me, FF seems to only pick up 7u10 when I have 7u9 installed. Every single test I've run is showing green {updated} results.

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Cor-el, I'm not sure what any of that means.

How do I install Java as Administrator? And how will I know if the registry keys are updated?

I'm sorry if those are silly questions, I'm in way over my head right now... o_O

Is there a chance that Java will release a smoother download that's a bit more compatible with FF?

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You can right click the Java installer program (or desktop icon if you have saved it there).
Then you should see a Run as Administrator entry in the right-click context menu.

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Okay, I still have the 7u10 download (it's in my download folder).

So I right-click and go to "run as Admin." Once I do that, how do I look for registry keys? (I'm not even sure what they are...)

Thanks, cor-el.

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I have the exact same situation as Alice_85. I have both 7u10 and 7u9 installed and enabled, and FF seems to only pick up 7u10 when I have 7u9 installed. On the Plug-in Check page, FF says I have Java Platform SE7 u9, but the version # in the grey box next to it says It says I have Java Deployment Toolkit, also listed as version And everything is functioning fine, except that I have two versions of JRM enabled on my machine. But hey, as long as FF is happy, we can't have everything...

And BTW, both the Java Platform and the Toolkit are listed on the Add-Ons Manager page with a 2nd number (after the version #) of

Just for fun, I just opened the Java Control Panel and disabled version 1.7.0_09. Restarted Firefox and it runs fine, and everything checks out OK, Java plug-ins still "up to date," etc. This whole thing feels like a foul-up on the Oracle end.

Upravil(a) Mr. News dňa

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Exactly what is Firefox showing in Add-ons > Plugins from inside Firefox?
I see two Java Plugins there; the Java(TM) Platform SE 7 U9, and the Java Deployment Toolkit .

I have both Java SE 7 U9 and U10 installed / showing in the Control Panel. And as I mentioned yesterday, Firefox is using the U9 Platform, along with Opera, whereas IE8 is using the U10 Platform plugin.

AFAIK, the Java Deployment Toolkit is only needed by Java developers, regular users have no need for that "Toolkit". And IIRC, that "Toolkit" wasn't even installed until Java 6 came about. The original "Second Edition" plugin for Firefox, which was Java 5, didn't have that plugin.

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the-edmeister, mrnews54,

That's exactly what I'm seeing when I check my FF add-ons:

Java (TM) Platform SE7 U9

Java Development Toolkit 7.0. 100.18

Are we all in the same boat?

All I want to know right now is if it's safe for me to log onto sites like Paypal and my banking, etc..? As I mentioned before, everything is passing the update tests.

If needed I'll install Java 6u38.

Upravil(a) Alice_85 dňa

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I wouldn't worry about Java at those websites, but it wouldn't hurt to disable the Java plugin before you go to those websites.

And as I mentioned before, just disable that "Toolkit" plugin altogether.

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Thanks, the-edmeister,

    So basically leave the Java (TM) Platform SE7 U9 enabled, and just disable the Toolkit? (I just want to be sure I do this correctly.) :)
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@the-edmeister: In Firefox Add-Ons Manager, I am seeing:

"Java Development Toolkit

NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy

Java(TM) Platform SE7 U9

Next Generation Java Plug-in 10.9.2 for Mozilla Browsers"

In IE8 I am seeing:

"Java(tm) Plug-In SSV Helper 0.00s (load time)

Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper 0.04s (load time)"

But I use FF 99% of the time, so I don't worry about IE too much. Looks to me like it's installed twice in IE, and loads once. If you ask me (and no one did) the latest update from Oracle is a BIG FAIL. But everything is running OK, and the Plug-in Check page is happy, so I'm gonna leave it alone for now.

Upravil(a) Mr. News dňa

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Yes, but you may want to temporarily disable the "Platform" plugin when doing financial transactions.


IMO Mozilla has something messed up with the Plugin Check page.
With only the Platform U9 plugin enabled, the Plugin Check shows it as Update Now. But when the Toolkit plugin is also enabled, they both show as Up to Date.

As far as Oracle, IMO its' a "big fail" overall. We didn't see problems like this before Oracle bought Sun, When Sun released a security update, as I recall, they fixed everything which had been reported. No security bugs hanging over to the next version. I think that as big corporations are wont to do after buying out a company, they got rid of the personnel who knew the most about the products they just acquired and now the "inmates" or "patients" are running the asylum.

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For now, until things are completely smoothed out, I think I'm just going to disable Java completely (at least in FF).

I hope this thread and others like it will stay active. I'd love to know if and when someone can resolve this issue.

To everyone who has been helping me these last two days, Thank you!

Upravil(a) Alice_85 dňa

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I installed U10 on top of U9, and the Mozilla Plugin-check showed only U9 but with a happy green button next to it. When I had *only* U9 installed however, the plugin-check considered it to be outdated. The Java homepage verified that I had U10 in both FF and IE9.

Then I uninstalled U9 from the Windows control panel (keeping U10), and - poof - Java could not be detected anymore on my computer when I visited the Java page from FF, BUT it worked fine with IE9. So it's not only the plugin-check that is messed up, it must be something in FF.

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  • update*

It looks as though the issue has been fixed. When checked my plug-ins this evening, the 7u9 had corrected itself and is now displaying the actual update (7u10).

I've uninstalled the 7u9 completely and everything is checking out on FF! :)

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Well, my Java was not auto-fixed. Yesterday my Plugins changed automatically from Green to the Yellow/gold outdated, which of course led me to 7u9 again when I followed the link. I uninstalled 7u9 via Win. Control Panel and got the Java disabled display on the FF Plugin page. I had to reinstall 7u9 via the offline executable file to have any Java...

I restarted many times and had to clean my registry because of the 20 keys left over from uninstalling 7u9 the first time. I still have 7u10 and 9 in my Control Panel but clicking on 'About' through the Java Contro Panel states that I have version 9 instead of 10.

Congrats Alice...

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I completely removed Java7U9 & 7U10 through Win Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs). After doing so--and ensuring that all plugins were either disabled or removed from the Manage Plugin pages of IE9, Chrome and FF 17.0.1 and cleaning my Registry--I finally got the option to update to the latest version 7U10 (instead of 7U9) through the FF plugin update page. However, I did not update, given the security risks and well documented bugs still involved with Java 7.

I have used the NoScript program for over a year and I doubt that I really need Java. Remember, Java programming compilations and JavaScript script programming language are completely different items.

If I find a website (such as banking, et cetera) that requires Java--in addition to JavaScript--only then will I install it (and likely the latest version 6 instead of 7). Perhaps Oracle will get the security vulnerabilities/bugs out of their next version in 2013...

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