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Since updating to Firefox 13 Flash does not work completely

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Since updating to Firefox 13 flash partially works but in many instances doesn't completely work. Youtube still works but on many other sites flash elements don't completely load or parts don't work. Flash works perfectly in safe mode but I've tried a complete uninstall and reinstall starting with a clean profile with no addons where flash still demonstrates the same problem.

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Skyborough, I tried your method, I even totally uninstalled flash and realplayer before installing the 32 bit version. After installing flash, I reinstalled realplayer and it brought me back to exactly what I had. Video not working. Even disabling realplayer download plugin didn't help. Totally uninstalled realplayer and everything works on firefox again.

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Well, what to say? I have no love of Real Player. It does nothing I needed done that is not already covered with other software. So, good, drop it.

Sorry my method was not "it".

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Ok, I think I found an answer on RealPlayer's page.......


It gives 3 options. I actually used the third option of disabling Adobe Flash protected mode and now everything is working fine, including being able to download videos with realplayer from firefox. Here is the YouTube video for that.......


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Oh, good on you...!!! I will keep that reference.

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What FireFox isn't getting is this:

(1) If all you use FF for personal use, fine. Fix it and move on. But if you run a website that uses videos and expect members to take the time to update their browser you are sadly mistaken. You could post until you are blue in the face that it is a flash or real player problem but when a visitor comes to your site, things don't work it is GOOD BYE? Most customers I deal with are not tech savy. FF should provide a fix, an addon, or something that one can fix it with a click of the mouse, not provide a bunch of technical jargon that bores most people. They will just use another browsers instead,

(2) flash and realplayer works with Chrome and IE, than is FF making excuses for it not to work with FF? Why would things work with other browsers but when it comes to FF, the blame is placed elsewhere? I don't get that.

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Matt, my browser did crash on occasion, but for the most part the problem was Flash not playing and a black or white box displaying instead. I did remove Real Player as suggested and this did solve the issue, thanks.

I find it surprising that this is the "solution" for a major browser like FireFox however. It took a while and I doubt the average internet user would go to such great lengths to find a fix for this. Hopefully this gets addressed asap.

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The frustrating part for me is that on my site, if flash is not available [on IOS for example] the content displays using HTML5 , but in Firefox it detects Flash and just displays a white box..

For me disabling the Realplayer download has got it working again, but I can't help being annoyed that there will be many visitors who think my site is broken.

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Use Google Chrome as your browser. My problems are all gone. No crashes or video problems any more. I hate Mozilla.

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Chrome is Better than FireFox???

Yes, good. BUT, I develop websites and I **have** to ensure that all four browsers display what I do properly. I do a lot of video productions (training for website users, etc.) and so far they all trigger the Flash player (insofar as as I can tell) and not the Html-5 video player.

Also, as I do a lot of Google Analytics I know that FireFox still owns about 65% of the viewer market... soooooooooo I cannot ignore it. But, for any single user, you have a solution that works.

The pace of change/updates/fixes, etc. for web platform technology is days. They are tripping over their own shoelaces working at that pace. They just do not test what they are doing and they do not actually "work" it before they release it. (Adobe just assumes that FireFox's info about PC's 32 vs 64 bit software is accurate... and offers no choices. That is wrong. But, what to do?)

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I have found I have to do almost zero corrections with Google Chrome. I had so many problems using Mozilla over the years. It wasn't compatible to so many things. I've had crashes of all types. Videos stopped playing and constant re-installation of Adobe functions. It's not the % of ownership...it's the quality of the browser. I really don't miss Mozilla at all. This is my experience. I know others who went over to chrome too. They have a web store with too many unbelievable goodies to have with chrome. I'm just describing the happiness of the Chrome experience. I answered this because I haven't been taken of the Mozilla help list. Good bye Mozilla! "Bazinga!"

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I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling both Firefox 13 and the Adobe stuff that allows videos, etc., to run. It seemed to work for a day or so then stopped running sites again; in this case a radio station I always listen to. And in reinstalling adobe, I get "error 2032. What the hell is that? By the way, it all ran perfectly until the latest and greatest Firefox was installed.

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Installing FireFox and Flash

Well, to synthesize all of the above...

1. Uninstall everything (FireFox and Flash - and that is ALL of Flash, Air, Shockwave, etc. ALL of it.)

2. Uninstall all of Real Player (who needs it anyway?)


4. Reinstall FireFox 13

5. Use IE-9 to go to Adobe site to get the recent Flash version. Do NOT use FireFox for this or you will get the wrong version of Flash. You WANT the 32 bit version (no matter what even if your PC is 64 bit, does not matter.)

6. If all works... I will send address for Pizza Hut gift certificate. (Or, Taco Bell is good too. I know Taco Bell is trash "food" but it tastes really good.)

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LoL It really is time Firefox got on top of this - its causing so much bad feeling..

As a side issue, I also run Firfox 13.0.1 on an older PC running XP and Realplayer V.11.0.2 with no issues at all. The problem for me is a newer PC running Windows 7, Firefox 13.0.1 and Realplayer - so it seems to be less of a Firefox problem and more of a Realplayer problem..

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I thought, using advice posted on this site, I had the problems mwere fixed. They were, for a while, and then videos wouldn't play again. I tried all of the solutions recommended and most worked for a while. Then I said to hell with it, and installed Chrome, importing my foxfire bookmarks. So far, so good. Thanks for trying everyone.

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We have blocklisted the RealPlayer record plugin but that blocklist doesn't seem to be working in all instances. If you are still having issues with Flash, please try disabling that feature from the RealPlayer UI.

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My 80-year old mom tells me Youtube does not work and I can tell her to simply "try disabling that feature from the RealPlayer UI".

That's awesome! *

  • No, it is not awesome, in case my sarcasm isn't showing.
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TRY TO SWITCH OFF THE HARDWARE ACCELERATION IN FIREFOX! IN MY CASE, THIS FIXED THE PROBLEM WITH HANGING FLASH CONTENT! (Audio was playing while no video was displayed, after double click on video it worked properly in full screen mode in separate window).

HOW TO: In firefox, go to TOOLS>OPTIONS>ADVANCED>GENERAL and switch off hardware acceleration. The hardware acceleration sometimes seems not to work properly with the Flash plug-in if the graphics driver is not fully up to date (my NVIDIA driver wasn't). This is also the reason why firefox then works in safe mode (because the hardware acceleration then gets disabled too)!!!

I am using FF 14.0.1 and flash 11.4.402.265 on Windows 7, 64 bits. All three 100% up to date as of today. Up to today, I was using the NVIDIA card GeForce GT 550M, driver version

One of the three fixed the problem: 1) disabling the hardware acceleration in firefox. 2) using a different graphics card (integrated HD intel graphics). 3) updating the NVIDIA driver to (now the hardware acceleration of firefox works properly with Flash).

However, of course, from a user's perspective, it would be soooo much better if FF developers could find a way to test, on the flight, if a particular flash content gets displayed properly, given the given graphics driver, and disable the firefox hardware acceleration if it does not. Or simply have a look how chrome handles buggy drivers and/or hardware acceleration (on chrome, flash worked for me with the old settings).

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I've dumped the accelerator, and Ill likewise get rid of Realplayer (You're right... I have no use for it; other things work better, anyway.) Thanks everyone.

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