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Firefox Problem with Youtube: "An error occurred. Please try again later."

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Dear Everyone:

I use Firefox (V11.0) on a Mac OS X (V10.6.8). I have a persistent problem with Youtube. When I view a video, I may get the message: "An error occurred. Please try again later".

The frequency of this problem varies from day to day. Sometimes, it happens to almost every video, and sometimes, it rarely happens; sometimes, "reloading" it once or twice, the video begins to play, and sometimes, it never plays no matter how many times I reload it.

I also have Safari (V5.1.4) on my machine, and it does not have the above problem.

Could you let me know how to resolve the problem with Firefox?

Thank you! qquito

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Clear the cache and the cookies from sites that cause problems.

"Clear the Cache":

  • Firefox > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"

"Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:

  • Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
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cor-el: Thank you for your information!

I did both following your suggestion. However, the problem still occurs fairly frequently.

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Start Firefox in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).

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cor-el: Thank you for suggesting the Safe Mode. Tried it only to find that it made the problem even worse: Now no video works. Even though after I resumed the normal mode, the problem continues. And now I have to switch to Safari.

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Just let everyone know that the message, "An error occurred. Please try again later.", suddenly completely disappeared on Friday, May 25, 2012, and so far, so good.

I assume this is because folks working for Youtube did something, but I am not very sure about this.

Many thanks to whoever solved the problem!

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Tried the link - it only goes to the new Flash 11.3.300.257 - which is what may be the problem, since this started with the Flash update. YouTube videos do not play at all - I just get the error message. HELP!!! I love Firefox, but I've tried all the suggestions above and need a browser that plays YouTube to do homework (lessons on YT, no, I'm not just goofing off!).

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This is a direct weblink for downloading (flash player uninstaller and flash player 10 installation. 1. uninstall flash player with uninstaller, and 2. run flash player 10 installation


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It worked for me, than you, zukadizajn.

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Lost ability to play all video's on the web. Tried your solution of uninstalling flash player 11 and reinstalling version 10; problem solved -- thank you!

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Yes I was also facing the same problem but finally got it solved through a workaround.

REASON of this Failure: The current version of adobe i.e v11.03 is NOT Compatible with Firefox

Please follow the following steps to make it work

1) Uninstall the current version of Adobe Flash Player for Firefox and other Internet Browsers (Except plugin for IE Activex) To Uninstall go to Control Panel -> Uninstall a Program (or Go to Program and Features) -> go in Search box and type 'Adobe Player' .. then select the program 'Adobe Flash Player Plugin' and uninstall it.

2) One you have completely uninstalled the adobe flash player for firefox from your system then visit the Direct Downloadable Link [http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/.../install_flash_player_10_plugin.exe] (For future reference and trouble shooting Please note that the numeric number given here is DYNAMIC .. e.g for downloading 11 series of adobe you can simply use the url http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/licensing/win/install_flash_player_11_plugin.exe)

3) Now Try installing this plugin as this is direct download of the 10 version of Flash Player which is supposed to be working fine with your firefox browser.

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Adobe has released a updated Flash version 11.3.300.262 version for Windows, so you can try out that version to see if it works.

You can find the latest Flash player for Firefox on this page.

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I have the same issue with Firefox 13.0.1, and the latest version of Flash ( I updated both today) All my references to Real Player plugins are disabled. You Tube used to play fine in previous versions of Firefox up to but not including ver 12. The issue seems to have started with FF ver 12, at least that's where I discovered it tonight prompting the update of Flash and Firefox. Both IE and Google Chrome play You Tube vids fine. I am running a 64 bit machine, single cpu, and Vista. Any ideas?

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My youtube clips also started producing the error message with Adobe 11. I've not uninstalled adobe, as per the instructions above, and then re-installed Adobe vs 10..All GOOD!

The link for installing vs 10 is:


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I don't think that you want the McAfee software, so it is best to leave that part of the link.

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A MAC solution that worked for me, but may not be the best work around. Admittedly this was a lucky solution.

My Setup: ProMac (32 bit mode), OSX 10.6.7 w/ Firefox 13.0.1. 1. Removed all Flash Components using Flash Removal tool and manual location of remaining Flash files. (Be careful not remove other files) 2. Downloaded Adobe Flash Player 11.1 r102 , installed it and then copied JUST the Flash Plugin to my desktop. (User->Lib->Internet plugins folder) 3. Removed all of Flash one more time, 4. Placed the Copy of ONLY Flash 11.1 r102 plugin and dropped it into User->Lib->Internet plugins 5. This works on 2 different Intel computers w/similar systems

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I have a similar problem to you all "Error Occurred, Please try again later". I like using firefox and I looked at various forums and the best fix I am using is either to use IE just for the time I want to use youtube or to set "compatibility to Windows XP SP3" for the time I want to use youtube. If you leave it set all the time it is a pain because user control account keeps asking for permission every time you launch firefox. I just hope someone will pick up the bug and fix it soon.

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You can check for problems caused by a recent Flash 11.3 update.

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Since I upgraded to Mozilla's new Firefox browser (version 13.0.1) I have found that 9/10ths of all the YouTube videos I visit give me the following error when attempting to view: An error occurred please try again later. At first I thought it was the flash plugin (Version 11) as it states above, so I uninstalled the version according to the directions and reinstalled version 10.

This did not solve the problem at all.

I am using Windows XP Professional, 32 bit with the Firefox 13.0.1 browser and now have the shockwave flash version 10.3 r183 as per the directions above. Nothing has changed. Lastly, I checked with MSIE and all the videos worked on YouTube perfectly. I cannot stand MSIE, please help!

Lastly, I checked and don't have REAL player at all and once again, I downgraded the plugin correctly as it showed up on the plugin list as the version 10.

Upravil(a) JamesP444 dňa

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I was able to install 10 on my laptop. I sent the link to my personal email address and I tried it on my desktop and it adobe sent me to adobe 11.3. Which does doesn't do anything for me that I'm interested in. I wish there was something besided Adobe out there. Does anyone know of anything else. Adobe is totally ruining my experience on the internet

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