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From the questions others have asked, I looks like Firefox 7 has lots of problems. Why don't you fix these problems before trying to force us to use a defective system?

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I read many of the complaints from others already trying to use your defective new system. I am not going to struggle to make a system work. If you don't fix the problems, I'll find another system which is user friendly.

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Sorry you had problems with Firefox 7, but the vast majority of Firefox users don't have problems like posted here - it's like 100's of problems vs millions of satisfied users. And many of the problems posted here aren't problems with Firefox 7, but rather problems with or caused by 3rd party add-ons.

Why don't you explain your problems and let us try to help you?

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I had some serious problems with Firefox 7 too! But not only Firefox, but Opera , Safari, Chrome, and Comodo Dragon. There was one exception...you guessed it! Internet Explorer!. So i suspected the problem had to do with some Micro$uck software. It occurred to me to check my addons and I found Microsoft DRM, which by the way, I don't remember ever installing. I disabled it and..Bingo!...problem gone! I only hope it stays fixed.

Friends please, give it a try and don't blame the good guys from Firefox! They are not even charging us for their product.

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I've explained my problems already--twice--and gotten *no* reply, let alone help. And in the meantime, my problems have multiplied. I'm now giving Google Chrome a try, as I've about reached the end of my rope with using Firefox in the past year. Each new "upgrade" has given me nothing but problems. And it's a shame, as I've used Firefox almost from the very beginning.

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I am having a lot of problems with Firefox 7 and what really upsets me is I can't get rid of it and go back to ver 6 which was way better. Does anyone know how I can go back otherwise I will be changing to IE or something else