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I wish to remove the Babylon Toolbar. Please help!

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I recently upgraded to Firefox 5.0. I did not wish to have Babylon Toolbar installed, and wish not to have it. Please help me un-install that add-on. Thanks

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-> Tap ALT key or press F10 to show the Menu Bar

-> go to Help Menu -> select "Restart with Add-ons Disabled"

Firefox will close then it will open up with just basic Firefox. Now do this:

-> Update ALL your Firefox Plug-ins https://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/

-> go to View Menu -> Toolbars -> unselect All Unwanted toolbars

-> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Content -> place Checkmarks on:

1) Block Pop-up windows 2) Load images automatically 3) Enable JavaScript

-> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Security -> place Checkmarks on:

1) Warn me when sites try to install add-ons 2) Block reported attack sites 3) Block reported web forgeries 4) Remember Passwords for sites

-> Click OK on Options window

-> click the Favicon (small drop down menu icon) on Firefox SearchBar (its position is on the Right side of the Address Bar) -> click "Manage Search Engines" -> select all Unwanted Search Engines and click Remove -> click OK

-> go to Tools Menu -> Add-ons -> Extensions section -> REMOVE All Unwanted/Suspicious Extensions (Add-ons) -> Restart Firefox

You can enable your Known & Trustworthy Add-ons later. Check and tell if its working.

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Remove babylon search engine from firefox:

Go to Tool -> Privacy. Click on Remove individual Cookies. Look for babylon folder. They are 2 remove butons in that Windows. Click on the one 'Remove Cookies' then close the Windows. Go to General replace the UrL by your prefered one (for example fttp://google.ca). Close the Tool Option box. close firefox then reload.

On the right of the firefox page, next to the URL field, there is a babylon search box. Click on the small arrow next to the babylon logo, choose Manage Search Engine. In the list you get, choose babylon then click on the Remove button. Exit with OK.

Your have got rid of it now.

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We would be glad to help you with any issue that you encountered. Please contact us at help@babylon.com and we'll help you get sorted out.

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Hi shahar33,
Thanks for the post, glad for an offer of official help from help@babylon.com

However rather than posting in an 8 months old thread it may be better, in my opinion:

  • to post in new threads as they appear
  • to offer links to information on problematic babylon removal as appropriate in those threads; so that the information becomes freely available to all, rather than as an exchange of private emails.

For anyone reading this thread with problems my personal advice is

  1. read the articles Cannot remove an add-on (extension or theme) and Remove a toolbar that has taken over your Firefox search or home page
  2. If that does not provide a solution to start a new thread by asking your own question please follow the prompts and link /questions/new <-- clickable link -- (blue) --
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Shachar33, Instead of help over the forum why don't you just advise your managers not to write a virus !!! You know what I'm talking about but just to make it clear let me spell it out for you. Installing a toolbar without my request, without any option for removal on the toolbar it self, hide it on the Firefox extension list etc. is called a VIRUS. Shame on you and the rest of Babylon's development team. Arnon.

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I used Firefox all the way through University, I found it was better for academic searches than most search engines. Then the dreaded Babylon showed up! Why a great set up like Firefox will allow such a pernicious piece of ***** like Babylon is beyond me and the only way to get it off my screen and out of my system was to uninstall Firefox. So for ages, I have had that great clumsy giant *oogle . I found the answer and it works. 1. Install the latest Spybot search and destroy. 2.Run it as administrator (right click and choose). 3.do a full scan and try not to touch your comp until it is done. 4. You will see Babylon listed as a 'problem'. 5. Click 'fix problems'

Result: Babylon is dead.

Do not reinstall anything that has acted as a carrier for this program until the program producers can guarantee that they have blocked Babylon. Spybot is one of the few antimalware programs to list Babylon as a problem.

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Unfortunately Babylon is not a virus, and Firefox has a policy of allowing other software to be used as extensions.

At present my best suggestion to you all is to be very careful as to what you agree to when installing any software including toolbars and any assistants or applications.

On the internet and in the real world offers, free samples and bargains often may not be quite what they seem, on first glance; and often have strings attached in the small print.

If you do have a problem post a question giving full details. If you do not receive an answer by all means post in this thread giving a link to your question, or at least the date it was originally asked.

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"Firefox has a policy of allowing other software to be used as extensions." While I applaud the egalitarianism of Firefox, I ponder the possibility of Firefox adding a customer operated facility to block undesired programs like Babylon - for people who are not quite so liberal with the safety of their computer systems. Meanwhile, if only 5% per annum of Firefox customers decide to do as I did and get rid of the messenger (Firefox) AND the message (Babylon) Firefox's revenue losses would encourage a less expansive Firefox policy. Even the mighty Bill Gates' organisation has declared Babylon to be malware. Possibly Firefox should do the same.

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part of the problem is that firstly some things like Babylon may be widely distributed on the internet it could be an rather dificult to block all the sites invloved.

Secondly some installations may be global installing on the OS using executable files that may affect more than just one browser.

If you have links suggesting Microsoft is blocking Babylon on the Windows OS I, and I assume others, would be interested in the links.

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I did not say that "Microsoft is blocking Babylon on the Windows OS" I said Microsoft recognises Babylon as Malware, see answers.microsoft.com/.../12c3077c-78eb-46f4-b161-a9707840220a as an example. Further, I suggested that systems like Firefox, Google etc could supply a facility to block browser hijackers like Babylon so that individual users would have a local choice. I do agree that Babylon is widely distributed; it is a global menace purporting to be legitimate software, if not, there would not be fora of this nature all over the internet and thousands of computer users screaming for its removal.

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I believe Babylon installs on Windows by use of a Windows OS executable file. I would guess that to block that would require scanning of downloads and identification of the file, which of course could easily change to evade such scanning attempts, and may not always be considered malware.

That activity is in the province of malware scanners rather than basic Firefox features. Maybe efforts could be made to petition the security software distributors and developers to list Babylon as malware.

Sorry if I misunderstood your last message. Thanks for the attempt at providing a link, but it appears it was truncated I get a 404 error if I try to use your link.