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Glitch in Firefox 4.0 - Y!Mail and Gmail buttons on Toolbar don't take you to the home pages

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The toolbar buttons take you to a "Compose" e-mail page instead for the site, not the home page to log on, and the last URL visited or the last item copied to the clipboard appears automatically in the body of the e-mail. I cannot cancel the email in Gmail at all - it goes into a loop and no other buttons appear to click on to get to the Gmail site. Whereas, in Yahoo, I can cancel the e-mail and click on other buttons available to get me to the site. Since it is not normal to be taken automatically to a Compose e-mail page, I have stopped using the toolbar buttons altogether as a result of this continuing problem, and I simply go to the sites' home pages through the address bar instead. This appears to be a glitch in Firefox 4.0.