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How do I go back to Firefox 3.6--Firefox 4 is crap--all the toolbars are rearranged and it harder to move around

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I want to go back to Firefox 3.6 Firefox 4 is very hard to navigate around the toolbars as the toolbars and menu items have changed. It is a dumb thing t the refresh button has been moved to a small area.

I think Google Chrome may be a better choice now

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I cannot BELIEVE what rubbish this new Firefox 4 is. Why change something to such an enormous extent. It has taken me years to convince friends that Firefox is the best browser in the world and just when they convert from IE, look what has happened. They liked 3.6 but now they are saying they wished they never converted to Firefox because the version 4 is rubbish. PLEASE Mozilla, go back to what we all liked. This new version and its new look is HORRIBLE. What were you guys thinking!!! It's a very sad day if this is what us Firefox users have to get used to. I for one will NOT stick with it unless it reverts back to the old look. Surely Mozilla, you can see from all the complaints so far, that this new version is the absolute pits!!

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your better going back to 3.6.click on start at bottom of screen, open help and support page.scroll down to system restore click on and it will give you an option of going back to the date before you loaded ff4.just follow instructions its straight forward.glad i seen all the problems that new ff4 users were having before i downloaded it.i got google chrome its brill.hope it helps.

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Agree completely. Tech life was so much easier and straightforward. As they say, "If it ain't broke, DON'T fix it"!

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I cant use my prefered theme, stop button missing , drop down arrow for previous sites recently visited missing. HOW CAN LESS FEATURES BE BETTER ? going back to 3.6. if missing features are not being put back by the end of support for 3.6 i will be looking for a new browser

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Well, you've really messed up now Mozilla, being an American company I thought your motto was ""if it 'aint broke, then, don't fix it", pity you can't stand by your words. To say that after years of encouragement and word of mouth by people around the globe to make you the 2nd best institution on the web for free browser services, you've now just ridiculed yourselves by bringing out this abhorent, pile of blood shite that you call Firefox 4. My god what were your management thinking about, has all that Californian sunshine gone to your heads, or, are you all on drugs, because your end-users now need to be, to calm ourselves down from the frustration of having to use your newly released offering. I won't be passing on any recommendations to anybody I know ever again regarding your organisation, I hope that the internet world now laughs at you for what you've contrived to being the BEST browser on the planet, because you've failed miserably, thank god we have other alternatives. Why the Senior Management at IBM instigated that all their employees utilise your browser service across the company beggars belief, it's a complete joke, get it sorted before you become the laughing stock of the planet, however, judging by the negative feedback already on the 'net it seems to have started to spread.

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Couldn't agree more...

This new 4.0 firefox is so ridiculously slow, thank god i was able to uninstall it again & revert back to 3.6 (finally)...

The whole set up was a hassle, a real nuisance, not to mention all over the place(& I'm good with computers-but as if I have the time to get it functioning properly right?)Damn...

I'll tell you this much, if they get rid of the last 3.6 version, I'm going straight with another browser, like ANY other one (IE, or chrome, anything).... Honestly, anything is better then firefox 4.0...

Never seen such an EXTREMELY SLOW, sloppy & unorganised browser in my life!

What a load of crap! :0/

Upravil(a) D_Visual_Kei_Vege dňa

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It is very sad that Firefox should release such a poor version of software. Version 3 was great and continually recommended it to friends, family and work mates. I have re-install version 3.16 over 4 as it is reliable. I do not like the way it continually opens new window when you click a link - even after you tell the software to open in tabs.

This version(4) is actally worse than Internet Explorer!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank goodness I still have Firefox Setup 3.6.exe in my Downloads folder. Now I can throw away this useless crap that is Firefox 4. What on earth are the developers thinking of? A back button that doesn't work properly any more, and an address bar that invents addresses you don't want in the first place!

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Just upgraded from Firefox 4 to firefox 3.16.17 on Mac OS X. Appears to have un-upgraded intact without difficulty.

Mozilla states they will be only maintaining Firefox 3 for a limited time on the legacy download page ( http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-older.html] ).

It is, according to the license GPL licensed. Anyone interested in taking the point and spawning a fork on Sorceforge to maintain the Firefox3 leg?

I think it would be useful to maintain firefox3 indefinitely, as I found that the extra "ikons" on the bookmarks toolbar not only annoying but takes up precious real estate that I can ill afford to lose.

I agree with all above that Firefox 4 is far less useful for my purposes than firefox3. If firefox3 becomes fully unsupported, I will shift to Safari.

Upravil(a) waltr dňa

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version 4 is crap - have firefox been taken over by microsoft?

this is the sort of stunt they usually pull!


Please put it right

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I have just gone back to using good old Google as a result of the crap firefox 4, and.....I honestly dont know why I ever went to firefox, Google is BRILLIANT!!!!

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Go here.


Just save and run the download the same as any other and you'll be back to 3.6.17

The first page you get when opening the browser is a recommendation to upgrade to 4.0 - Just close it..

I made the mistake of upgrading to Firefox 4 a couple of days ago and had nothing but trouble since. Three crashes in 1 hour this morning tipped me over the edge. I hadn't had a crach on 3.6 for as long as I can remember.

I've gone back to 3.6.17 and will only download 4.0 when I hear that it's anywhere near the level of it's predecessor.

Why they messed with a great thing is beyond me.

Upravil(a) OneEyedWillie dňa

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Thankfully I found this forum as I dreaded to think of life with Firefox 4. Mozilla you have slipped up badly with this awful version, talk about two steps back, why bother launching a "better" version when it is clearly NOT.

Long live 3.6 , well, until some version is indeed better.

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Thanks all for the link to make the switch back to 3.6 a lot easier. By far the biggest problem with trying to make the 4x so simple is that it lost all its great features and functionality by hiding and making the buttons inaccessible. If only the new coding could be substituted into 3x without the design change life would be so much better...

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I hear the frustration and it does make me wonder why they did it. BUT that being said 4 is far superior to the old browsers in many ways, you just don't realize it yet. I know the new program is frustrating BUT if you take the time to read and learn about the program you will be amazed at how much better it is. That being said this browser if for two kinds of people: tech heads and mac users or want-to-be Mac users. If you are a "standard" user then by all means stick with version 3.6 They're not getting rid of that version anytime soon and developers are still making plugins for it, etc. Realize that yes this version at first was a steaming pile of poopoo but as they fix bugs and release new plug-ins people will eventually the value in the program. That being said, teh developers could have made the transition a bit less harsh for people and kept the same styles of button, etc. and made it so that all the old plugins worked, not just adblock plus and no-script. Version 4 does have some hurdles to overcome but if people are patient they'll find its an awesome program. My only current issue is the removal of teh "block images" options which mozilla says there's a work-around- but it doesn't work properly: it either blocks or WHOLE site or not, not allowing for just ONE image on ONE site to be blocked. But this soon will be fixed I'm sure. Learn the new program stick with it, you'll be glad you did!

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I want to go back to 3.6 unfortunately I didn't make a restore point on my computer. FF 4.0 is like going back 15 years to the first version of Netscape. Think I'll try google instead

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I like many others have down-graded and soon about to leave Firefox. FF4 is a step back you need 512Mb of RAM and 200mB hard drive space much more resources than earlier builds... and other browsers I can think of right now.

I'm curious has any one notice FF4 phones home 24/7 ?

Funny, no one mentioned the WebGL flaw that applies to FF4, Chrome, Opera and Safari see the register for details http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/05/11/chrome_firefox_security_threat/ they advise turning WebGL off.

All I want (no doubt many others too) is a reliable browser, I personally don't care if it's outdated compared to it's rivals. FF have sure done a fine job in wrecking what once was a respectable browser.

Sorry but I feel FF has had it's day unless they pull their finger out 'hastily' and forget all the advert hype I don't want it..... 20 zillion people could have downloaded FF4 for all I care that means nothing to me.

I bet they won't tell you how many people have ditched it though and they COULD if they wanted remember the pop up after you un-install the program 'Tell us what you thought of Firefox'

Upravil(a) EF80 dňa

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During his campaign for the 2008 Presidential election, Obama admitted that he intended to scrutinize the internet, starting in January, '09, with AT&T. Is the horrible disaster that has descended upon Firefox a part of that scrutiny?