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Bookmarks are frozen

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My bookmarks have frozen. Going into bookmark manager I cannot delete or move bookmarks or folders. I can add bookmarks but cannot delete or move.

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This can be a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

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It appears that you are using Firefox2, which used HTML files rather than the newer sqlite database used by firefox 3.

I suggest you export your current bookmarks and put them in a file with a name of your choice. You then need to find any other existing backups and rename them as the new file.

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Thanks, but my mouse doesnt' work on your link. Neither on the "reply" button. Only on this Post Reply button. Is this page Flash? I am using Win98SE, so maybe this page doesn't work. I think Mozilla website should not use Apps that require XP and up.

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Sorry, I cannot find a file places.sqlite in my root drive.

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I have tried the links, they seem to be working. The light blue text are links, the dark / black / bold in my post was merely for emphasis. You need not be signed in to use links, but you will need to sign in to make replies or mark the thread as solved (the first post where you click alongside as helpful whilst signed in shows as the solution, any others clicked by yourself or others then show as helpful)

The file places.sqlite would not be in your root directory, but if you are using Firefox 2 on a Windows 98 computer you will not have that file anyway. Can you confirm that is correct information about the problem computer

  • use Help -> About Mozilla Firefox to confirm the version of Firefox

If you continue to have problems post again someone will try to help.

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This reply page does not function. I logged in but the reply button does not function and the link you pasted into the message does not function. Mouse over does not work. I use Win98 and it appears that this page is the new Flash. the new Flash does not respond to my Win98. Ive looked at the link page and my boot drive does not contain the file places.sqlite. No such file. Mozilla should not be using the new Flash. This keeps people like me with Win98 out.