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I can't get rid of iMesh search box - got rid of toolbar but not search box - it is not included in add-ons


I downloaded iMesh thinking it was just a normal music-streaming site. However, it downloads a toolbar and search box. I seemed to have deleted the toolbar with no problem. However, the search box is still there, to the right of the navigation box, and if I go to Tools - manage Add-ons, it is not listed there at all. Is there a way to remove the search box without uninstalling the program or is it better to uninstall it? My virus/anti-malware programs do not report any risks associated with the program and it is handy to find audio streams on the Internet, so I would keep it if it is not harmful. The search box is not causing any problems, I'm just concerned because it was put there without my agreement and does not seem to be removable from the Tools menu. I use Google or Norton Safesearch and would not use iMesh for general searches.

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Tried Tools - Manage Add-ons, it's not there. iMesh toolbar has definitely gone - View Toolbars does not show it. But if I do not show the Navigation Toolbar, the iMesh search box does not show either, so it seems to have attached itself to that. Is it best to uninstall Firefox and re-install?

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You should be able to remove iMesh from the Windows control panel.

  • From the Start menu, select Control Panel
  • Open the list of installed programs:
    • If in icon view, click Programs and Features
    • If in category view, under "Programs", click Uninstall a program
  • In the list of programs select iMesh, and then click Uninstall.
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on the top right corner the smaller search bar "google" for me just next to the icon there is is a little blue arrow is you click on it then you should get a list and at the bottom of the list it should say "manage search engines" click on it and then look down for the imesh and click it so its highlighted and then remove that is how i managed to remove the search bar but it may be different on your pc and laptop so i hope this helps and to get it off home page go to tools on the top tool bar and options and then "main" then there is a box for you to tipe your home page you want in to it and this is how i have my home page and smaller search box back to google and yahoo thanks M.IND

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Already done that it does not work. The iMesh search still default as the search engine.

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To get rid of the imesh search box, on your menu bar, right click on "view". Scroll down to customize. Left click on that. Then Drag and Drop the imesh search box into the big box in the middle of your screen. After doing that, I then shut off my computer for a few minutes. Then turned it back on. Turning off your computer is probably not necessary. That is how I got rid of the imesh search box.

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Hi Linda,

can u explain how you removed the toolbar? I woul be very gratefull.

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Hi Gnib, First go to start>control panel>add/remove Programs. In add/remove programs there will be "Media Bar" once you click on it to remove it,then it says remove "media bar 2.0". Get rid of that also. Now go into your "add-ons and extensions". There will be something about the imesh toolbar. Uninstall that. Go into start>programs. If imesh is there, delete that too. If this doesn't work for you. Tell me what you first did to remove imesh.