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What is plugin-container.exe?

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The extension plugin-container.exe wanted access to the internet. The file was located in my Mozzile folder, but I read somewhere that it is malware. Is this file supposed to be there, and is it normal for attempt to receive a connection? Is it safe?

This happened

Just once or twice

== After the most recent update just a few hours ago.

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Go to the following link, click on "What's New in Firefox 3.6.4". The first 2 paragraphs is a brief explanation of what plugin-container.exe is designed to do. Right now, in Windows and Linux only, it isolates Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins from the main browser, so that if one of those plug-ins crashes, your whole browser does not crash. This was done due to the large number of crashes caused by plug-ins. Plans are to add more plug-ins in later updates to Firefox.


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I understand there's a workaround for disabling plugin-container.exe via about:config, but in order to avoid any risky procedures:

Why not simply program a simple checkbox under tools/options to enable/disable this feature?

That way everyone is happy!! :-) and problem solved!

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Alright, it simple by reading through this entire post, your not going to do anything about FF using this lame program. You keep telling people to contact adobe. Well, adobe didn't make FF place in a unnecessary program did they? Everything was fine until the new "update". My computer runs like junk now when trying to access simple things, like games for my child, or my daily news broadcast. I want to say I am deleting FF, but that would be a lie. It took me a long time to even trust FF. Only last year did I decided to DL it and found the wonders of it all. You've turned a browsing dream into a nightmare. My only question to you Morbus, is why did FF deem it necessary to put in this useless program?

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@Morbus - actually the problem I had with FF 3.6.4 is that when I go to sites with flash, my entire browser slows down, not freeze, but slows down, so I have to close it using Task Manager...

the problem is plugin-container.exe, it's eating up too much memory...

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REMOVE PLUGIN-CONTAINER.EXE in the next update!!!!

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@Morbus @Mozilla

Please listen to the suggestions of the users, plugin-container.exe, it's eating up too much memory, and I agree with Curious1's suggestion, please put an easy option to disable plugin-container.exe, like in the Tools - Options, and not in the about:config, not everyone will understand how to do this...

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The plugin-container.exe process is that extra process that is launched whenever one of the supported plugins is started in Firefox. plugin-container.exe


The process remains active once it has been started. It is for instance triggered when the Firefox user starts to view a Flash or Quicktime video and closed when Firefox is closed or its manually killed.

Mozilla currently uses on plugin container for all supported browser plugins. This is unlike Google Chrome where every plugin is launched in its own process. Future Firefox versions will be modified so that the plugins are run in their own process as well.

Mod edit: Removed spam -FF4L
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what's the use of a process that doesn't make FF crash whenever a plugin crash, when it slows down the entire browser?

I'm downgrading to FF 3.6.3

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It's taking up too much memory! I can no longer multi-tab browse, it freezes up and I have to restart my computer. FAIL!

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@Morbus - you say that plugin-container.exe is "working perfectly for the majority of users", can you cite your sources, because from reading this thread, a lot of Firefox users, including myself, is having problems with this "plugin-container.exe".

You refuse to admit that FF 3.6.4 and plugin-container.exe is the problem, when a lot of users are telling you it's the problem...

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@ Kris The plugin-container was created to keep Flash and other plugins from crashing Firefox itself whenever they crashed. The vast majority of Firefox crashes were caused by Flash's misbehaviors, so Mozilla decided to do something about. I'm really sorry that you're having problems with the update, but if you've read the entire topic and haven't found a solution or a path to follow, I fear I cannot help you further.

I can suggest that you downgrade to Firefox 3.5.10 if you are having unfixable problems with 3.6, as 3.5 doesn't use the plugin-container architecture. Check this support article to know how to downgrade.

But I do recommend you contact Adobe if these issues do not appear when you disable Shockwave Flash. The plugin-container will be present on all future versions of Firefox, from now on, as it's proving to be a serious benefit, and crashes have lessened in number significantly (see here). Not in some users' cases, of course, but those are users who are having serious uncommon problems, like yourself.

@ Max On principle, the plugin-container will eat as much memory as Flash (and other plugins) will. The plugin-container itself has barely any code at all, and is only used to run flash (and other plugins).

Also, Firefox is used by hundreds of millions of people. Can you imagine what would happen if every single one of them had problems? Or even if just half of them had problems? My stats on crashes come from Mozilla itself: here.

@ Greg That is not going to happen, I'm sorry. Please read this post of mine for help fixing your problem.

@ Hunter Please read this post. I hope it helps.

@ Snifflesauce I made a post that addresses that issue. Please read it. I hope it helps you.

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Hi Morbus: Putting the finger on Adobe does *Not* help... The web experience, as a whole, when using Firefiox 3.4.6 , is horrendous..

I am downloading Chrome as we speak.. I will check back within a week If this Plugin container problem does not get solved , Doesnt matter whether its is Adobe or Firefox fault... Its goodbye Firefox and Chrome

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Sorry I meant Firefox 3.6.4.. My browser is really slowww.....

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@Sam No need to run off to another Browser. There is enough information in this thread to maybe fix your problem.

Btw....my "web experience" isn't slow. My web experience now using FireFox 3.6.4 isn't "horrendous".

What will you do if your next Browsers gives you problems? Eventually you will run out of Browsers! lol

No need to report back next week. Report back when your next Browser gives you trouble and we have already sorted out this glitch and moved on.

That should be good for a laugh!

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@Morbus - you are missing the point, does those stats include browser slowness?

The point here is not that FF is crashing, the point here is that FF is slowing down, "plugin-container.exe" is causing FF to slow down but not crash...

If Mozilla intends on using "plugin-container.exe" in future FFs, then Mozilla needs to fix "plugin-container.exe" so it won't slow down the browser...

The problem is not Adobe Flash plugin, it's "plugin-container.exe"

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Well it seems the problem I am having is slooowwww videos. Makes me sad >-_-< If a video fails mid stream or w/e, and my firefox crashes, I double click on my firefox browser, and PRESTO, back to watching fast streaming video.

But I don't have to worry about that 5 second double click on my FF browser shortcut, cause they fixed it from EVER crashing with the all new Plugin-container.exe!!! Instead of taking 5 seconds of my precious time to double click n resume, I have to wait a deleted damned hour to watch 5 minutes of video now. Or better yet wait 5 minutes for a freaking tab to open if I wanna do some research on a documentary. Look up Plugin-Container.exe in qoutes in your Google page Morbus, you'll be surprised on how many hits you'll get with this great new ingenious method of "Preventing a 5 second problem" into a catastrophe of epic proportions for FF!!

Im going back to using Neo Planet browser... thanks for ruining the one thing I thought would bring light to the desolate surface of the internet... >-_-

edited by a moderator - eh - due to language
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anyway, I've updated to FF 3.6.4, and disabled that awful plugin-container.exe from running, it involves about:config...

if you want to know how to disable it, go here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=9532523&sid=6cbf5c9288c1c1568f027841d4532409

my browser is working better without the awful plugin-container.exe, and I can watch YouTube better...

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@Morbus: It seems to me that a large number of people who had no issues with firefox before updating are experiencing serious usability issues now. In all cases these are being caused by plugin-container.exe. Since no problems were present before updating, it's a fair assumption that the problem lies with firefox and not with the individual users. I'd like to know why you are avoiding accepting this fact.

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I'm very disappointed in this latest version of Firefox. Actually, in the past 3 months, Firefox has been causing more problems then I had with IE. I switched to Firefox to get away from Microsofts problems, but it appears that I just traded one buggy piece of trash for another.

NOT happy!

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Hi Morbus It's simple:

With same PC, same Add-ons (only 5), same plugins and same URL's (same 10 tabs) 3.6.3 works fine ······ 3.6.4 not fine 3.6.3 wheel mouse works ······ 3.6.4 wheel mouse not

With same 3 Youtube's (at same time)... 3.6.3 40% ······ 3.6.4 Impossible!!!!!.... 100% and not work!!!!!

Sorry, but I don't understand plugin-container.exe, because I NEVER had a problem or crash with plugins before.

PS: Sorry for my bad english

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After removing element properties now adding slowing down my browser.. Maybe later I need to install add-on just to want to remove plugin-container like element properties case? Or you'll have to change all settings in about:config considered that firefox's reason to remove element properties is because not all people are geek?

All features and changes will be available in about:config and extensions, that's firefox, the most customizable browser you've ever seen.. Nice going firefox..

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