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After the latest download, the Firefox menu bar seems to be larger. Some of the bookmarks have been moved off of the to the ">>"" menu. How do I get it back to the former size?

Thanks, Doug

After the latest download, the Firefox menu bar seems to be larger. Some of the bookmarks have been moved off of the to the ">>"" menu. How do I get it back to the former size? Thanks, Doug

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Do you have the issue described in this thread?


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I have Windows 10 so I guess it applies to me too. The solution to change the Windows setting isn't a very good as then the Windows is screwed up. Is there no way to change the Firefox back to the way it was?


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You can create a new Number pref on the about:config page and set its value to 100.

  • about:config => ui.textScaleFactor = 100

You can open the about:config page via the location/address bar. If you get the warning page, you can click the "Accept the Risk and Continue" button.

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My understanding is that you need to change the value of this preference in about:config in Firefox 103 to 100. ui.textScaleFactor


Upravil(a) Terry dňa

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That solved the problem, thanks Terry. What I don't understand is why anybody would use Microsoft's settings as their own. Microsoft is the dumbest when it comes to settings. See the attached word document to see my experience when I made the text larger.

How Dumb is Microsoft

I have lost my vision in one eye and the remaining one is not good. In order to compensate using the computer, I used Microsoft’s “Ease of Access” to make the text larger. This is what happened:


When I open a folder, the list of folders and file names is larger, however, often the lower part of the text is cut-off because the space allocated is not been made larger to accommodate the larger text. Also, the menu bar text has not changed and is still in the smaller text even though there is ample unused space on the right to accommodate larger text. The sub-menus are also in the smaller text and they have their own window which never takes up the whole window. See screenshot below.

Excel & Word:

While the menu bar has larger text and I can change the body of the document via the “View, Zoom” function, the text of the sub-menus is still small and there is no reason it has to be as the sub-menu windows take up are considerably smaller space and could be made with larger text. See screenshot below.

In conclusion, Microsoft may have some very, very smart people working for them but sometimes I wonder if they are really as smart as they think they are.

Sorry Terry, the screenshots didn't show up on the text and the word document couldn't be attached. Kind'a dumb.

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Hi, DougiePh, glad you worked it out.

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While there is not an easy way to revert this our product team did suggest this about:config preference change as the optimal solution at this time.

  1. In the address bar, type about:config and press the Enter key.
  2. The about:config warning page may appear. Click Accept the Risk and Continue to continue to the about:config page.
  3. In the search field, enter browser.display.os-zoom-behavior, select the pencil "edit" icon and change the number to 0.
  4. Select the check mark and restart Firefox.

They did note they would look into alternative options which may be present in a future update.

WARNING from the moderator team: Changing Firefox pref from the about:config page can sometimes break Firefox or cause strange behavior. You should only do this if you know what you're doing.

Please read Firefox Advanced Customization and Configuration Options to learn more.