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Sync do not work on my work computer

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I try to sync with my work computer (windows 10) but nothing is imported. No bookmark, no password, nothing. I do not have any error message it seems.

What information could be useful to resolve this problem ? thank in advance.

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Check with your IT. It might be you were being blocked.

We need to look at the sync logs.

Note: Do the following for each problem system/profile. And label each as to what system/profile.

Type about:sync-log<enter> in the address bar.

Open the last file created and Copy its contents Now Paste it into this forum.

If the file is too large;

have your web browser go to; https://pastebin.com/

Paste <Control> P the content of the file in the window. Note: On the bottom, fill out the boxes as best you can.

Now press Create A New Paste. The page will reload. Copy the new web address, and post it here.

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Hi !

Thank you for your time.

Here the last log :

1638365024035 Sync.LogManager DEBUG Flushing file log 1638365024045 Sync.LogManager DEBUG Log cleanup threshold time: 1637501024045 1638365024058 Sync.LogManager DEBUG Done deleting files. 1638365080669 FirefoxAccounts INFO Polling device commands. 1638365080669 Sync.Service DEBUG User-Agent: Firefox/94.0.2 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) FxSync/ 1638365080669 Sync.Service INFO Starting sync at 2021-12-01 14:24:40 in browser session CQONxXZzZ5IF 1638365080669 Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Clearing sync triggers and the global score. 1638365080671 Sync.Status INFO Resetting Status. 1638365080671 Sync.Status DEBUG Status.service: error.sync.failed_partial => success.status_ok 1638365080671 FirefoxAccounts TRACE not checking freshness of profile as it remains recent 1638365080674 Services.Common.RESTRequest DEBUG GET request to https://api.accounts.firefox.com/v1/account/device/commands?index=0 1638365080850 Sync.Resource DEBUG GET success 200 https://sync-1-us-west1-g.sync.services.mozilla.com/1.5/166901553/info/collections 1638365080851 Sync.Service DEBUG Fetching server configuration: https://sync-1-us-west1-g.sync.services.mozilla.com/1.5/166901553/info/configuration 1638365080851 FirefoxAccounts TRACE not checking freshness of profile as it remains recent 1638365081036 Sync.Resource DEBUG GET success 200 https://sync-1-us-west1-g.sync.services.mozilla.com/1.5/166901553/info/configuration 1638365081036 Sync.Service DEBUG Fetching global metadata record 1638365081036 Sync.Service DEBUG Weave Version: 1.96.0 Local Storage: 5 Remote Storage: 5 1638365081036 Sync.Service DEBUG Fetching and verifying -- or generating -- symmetric keys. 1638365081036 Sync.Service INFO Testing info/collections: {"addons":1638349697.57,"clients":1638362694.06,"bookmarks":1638349902.67,"crypto":1520904837.4,"passwords":1638349639.45,"tabs":1638364588.86,"forms":1638364589.1,"meta":1638349885.77,"prefs":1638349696.71,"history":1638364589.34,"extension-storage":1604389739.75} 1638365081036 Sync.CollectionKeyManager INFO Testing for updateNeeded. Last modified: 1520904837.4 1638365081036 Sync.Synchronizer DEBUG Refreshing client list. 1638365081037 Sync.Status DEBUG Status for engine clients: error.engine.reason.unknown_fail 1638365081037 Sync.Status DEBUG Status.service: success.status_ok => error.sync.failed_partial 1638365081037 Sync.ErrorHandler DEBUG clients failed: OperationError: PathUtils.filename: Could not initialize path: NS_ERROR_FILE_UNRECOGNIZED_PATH Stack trace: load()@resource://gre/modules/JSONFile.jsm:234 1638365081037 Sync.Synchronizer INFO Updating enabled engines: 0 clients. 1638365081038 Sync.Synchronizer INFO Syncing all enabled engines. 1638365081038 Sync.Doctor INFO Skipping validation: no engines qualify 1638365081038 Sync.Synchronizer INFO Sync completed at 2021-12-01 14:24:41 after 0.37 secs. 1638365081039 Sync.Declined DEBUG Handling remote declined: ["creditcards"] 1638365081039 Sync.Declined DEBUG Handling local declined: ["creditcards"] 1638365081039 Sync.Declined DEBUG Declined changed? false 1638365081039 Sync.Service INFO No change to declined engines. Not reuploading meta/global. 1638365081039 Sync.ErrorHandler ERROR Some engines did not sync correctly. 1638365081039 Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Next sync in 3600000 ms. (why=schedule)

I will try to check with my IT . Oh and i've tried to install waterfox and the sync work very well with it.

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I called for more help.

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