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Two Issues - checkboxes borked in settings, and i hate the new proton tabs and want to revert to the old tabs

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Issue 1: When I open up the firefox settings, I cannot tell in the slightest what is and isn't checked off because nothing appears in the checkboxes. They're just empty squares regardless of whether something is checked off or not. I've attached a screenshot below.

Issue 2: I really, really hate the new proton tabs. I had them disabled by disabling proton, but I guess I forgot to disable auto-updates, because I just opened Firefox to find that they're back, much to my displeasure. It's difficult for me to distinguish tabs from each other at a glance now as they are all the same color with no borders *and* having 'autoplay disabled' and 'playing' and stuff like that in TINY all caps font below the tab label is NOT USEFUL. It is distracting to the eye, and I have to squint and lean closer to be able to read what the heck it's even saying. This is shitty for nearsighted people like me. Moreover, at a glance it is IMPOSSIBLE now to tell which tab sound is coming from. This is a huge step backwards in functionality and accessibility.

I wasn't using mozilla for aesthetics - I was using it because it functioned and was more stable / less of a memory hog in my experience than chrome, and I appreciated the ease and convenience of syncing across different computers as well as the built in password management. However, I question whether I can continue to use this browser if you're going to prioritize aesthetics over functionality and user preference.

Seriously - that the tabs DO NOT CONNECT to the page is itself distracting and weird, *but also* that the rest of the tabs blend together and have extra tiny unreadable text rather than the infinitely more distinguishable audio symbol that indicated which tabs had sound playing before is so terrible.


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I neglected to actually attach the correct image - here it is.

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In Firefox 91+ you can no longer disable Proton and revert changes that come with this design via "browser.proton.enabled = false" on the about:config page. Best in Firefox 91+ is to set browser.proton.enabled at its default value true as the false setting can cause issues with checkboxes.

In Firefox 91+ you need to use code in userChrome.css to override changes coming with the Proton design.

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Oh - I think it also disabled my theme as well? When I set browser.proton.enable back to true, suddenly everything was light theme. That's cool. /s

I'm... trying to figure out how to make use of userChrome.css... Thank you.

btw do you know how to give feedback to mozilla? Because *surely* they have realized how many people are frustrated with proton and the inability to fix it without using outside resources. ... right?

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ETA: never mind I figured out what I was doing wrong, but now I am having an issue where I had Firefox set to use my operating system settings for colors on the tabs and such, but it isn't actually reflecting this at all. I have my normal windows set to a dark grey with white font, but firefox is a pale grey with black font, which isn't the easiest on my eyes.

Any idea what might be going on there? image attached for comparison - the dark bar is what i have windows set to, and the light tabs are what firefox is displaying.

I have since enabled dark mode theme but it's honestly too dark and just as eye-straining for me as having it be the pale grey, and it's ... sort of stupid that proton should be ignoring firefox's own default theme setting???

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You can check for issues with High Contrast Mode on Mac.

See "New" in the release notes.

Firefox now automatically enables High Contrast Mode when "Increase Contrast" is checked on MacOS in the Accessibility settings.

Make sure you allow pages to choose their own colors.

  • Settings -> General: Fonts & Colors -> Colors: "Override the colors specified by the page with my selections above"

Try "Never" if the default "Only with High Contrast themes" isn't working.

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It's unclear exactly how the "System" theme works with system settings. Maybe it's better to think of it is as automatically selecting between the Light theme and the Dark theme.

If you have the patience, you can use the Firefox Color extension to set your own toolbar colors: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/firefox-color/

It might be faster than trying to figure out the CSS for using system colors, if there is any.

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I had ALL these problems.

I fixed the checkbox issue -- thanks!

Unfortunately, the new Proton checkboxes and buttons are still much harder to see than previous Firefox versions. I already had high contrast switched off in Firefox.

To restore tabs, I have now installed the style sheet tab modifications provided here: https://www.userchrome.org/firefox-89-styling-proton-ui.html and they are... less awful than Proton, but still not nearly as good as Firefox's old interface.

I migrated to Firefox ESR to get AWAY from Proton, now it too has been "improved". Argh!

Firefox has been my preferred browser since 2014 because of its superior interface. Proton is so much harder to see and use than the old interface I'm seriously considering jumping ship to another browser.

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You can also ask advice at the Firefox CSS subreddit forum as it is quite possible that somebody has created CSS rules that suites better to you.