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Can't access Linkedin unless Using Private Window

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Today I received an email from a friend from Linked in. I clicked on their link to Linkedin.com and Firefox opened and just started spinning. I've been using Firefox for years and have never had any issues with getting a Linkedin email then clicking on the link to open Firefox which logs me in automatically to Linkedin. Today was the first time. I was on Linked in last week with no problems. I was able to access Linkedin using a "Private Window". This happened recently with another service I used when I tried to connect to their administrative page (I think it was a TV service). After contacting support we tried a private window and all worked fine.

I'm getting pretty tired of security shutting me down without any clue why, and I have to spend 15min to 1 hr troubleshooting everything in my computing world.  :-(

I couldn't find anywhere where I could "manage exceptions". I found a [Manage Exceptions] button in the "Browser Privacy" section next to "Enhanced Tracking Protection", but I wasn't able to enter anything there.

Firefox v89.0 (64-bit) Windows 10 Pro 10.0.18362

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Hi Bill, hopefully it's a one-time occurrence.

One might ask: what are the differences between private windows and regular windows? These are the main ones that I know of:

  • Cached files from regular windows are not re-used in private windows => You can try clearing the web cache to see whether that helps: How to clear the Firefox cache
  • Cookies set in regular windows are not re-used in private windows => You can try deleting LinkedIn cookies to see whether that helps (while viewing a page on LinkedIn, click the lock icon, then click "Clear cookies and site data..." at the bottom of the drop-down panel)
  • With "Standard" mode Tracking Protection, tracking scripts are blocked in private windows but not regular windows (not a problem for LinkedIn, it seems)
  • Some cookie restrictions might not be enforced in private windows since everything is temporary anyway
  • Private windows block access to IndexedDB database storage (not a problem for LinkedIn, it seems)
  • Some extensions may not be enabled in private windows (this is a per-extension setting), so private windows can reduce extension interference

The following doesn't sound like your problem, but I'll mention in case your situation worsens.

Around 3 weeks ago, a user reporting being unable to log in to LinkedIn, getting the blue progress bar indefinitely. We weren't able to get to the bottom of it. You can read the troubleshooting and console checking suggestions in that thread for reference: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/1337162

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Thanks for writing. Well, I tried all the suggestions that allow me to continue operating. Nothing worked except copying the link, opening a private window, pasting the link and voila`, it worked. No luck with a regular tab.

So, I gave up for the day, rebooted my PC several times during the day for something else, fought with several other technical issues (Windows 10, Office, ExpressVPN, etc) then gave up for the day. Today, I rebooted because Thunderbird was slow then clicked on another person's link to Linkedin and it worked fine.

So, as usual, technology seems to break today and fixes itself tomorrow. I wish I wouldn't have to use Windows, although I do have issues with the new iPhone 12 I just got (my first smartphone).

Anyway, thanks for the link and the next time something goes wrong, and it works in another browser, I'll try a private window to see if that works.

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