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.ris files >Options >downloading

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I download Endnote .ris reference files every day, and have done for decades. Endnote supplies a parsing tool that imports the data into the database. But it has just stopped working. In the import dialog box, the message that comes up on downloading a ris file is: "what should Firefox do with this file?

  Open with Notebook (default)"

Well down the dropdown option list I can choose to open with Endnote, so I clicked on "Do this automatically for files .." then chose the Endnote option. Which works, but it doesn't stick. If I go to the Options page>Applications>ris, nothing comes up. If I choose >Endnote, the suggested option is to open every Text file with Endnote - not a good idea.

Has something gone wrong with Firefox or with Endnote settings? Thank you

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I have this problem too: When downloading ris/enw/ciw form Firefox (while reading almost any chemical journal) the connection between EndNote and browser does not always work and I have to tell Firefox that I want to link Endnote20 with particular citation. In other words, it does not remember that EndNote is the right plugin despite the fact that I confirmed that I want Firefox to remember this connection. I have send similar query also to Firefox admin. I have EndNote/Firefox installed on MacBookAir, MacOs BigSur 11.4 I. Cernusak

p.s. I wonder if there is anyone reading these posts.

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Correction: I have sent similar query to EndNote admins. Sorry for the typo.