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Firefox requires 2 attempts to load any web page

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I have a rather weird problem with firefox. I need to open websites twice to get them to work. To try and explain what I mean here is a how i currently need to use the browser

Open tab,

type in web address/search,
hit enter

tab is stuck infinitely loading ( i cant refresh, I cant type a different adress, that tab is just stuck loading) open a second tab

type in the exact same address/search
hit enter and for some reason it now loads instantly

And it isnt just new tabs its the same story to load any and all webpages say I am on a page of google search results click a link stuck infinitely loading open new tab repeat the same search click the same link, for some reason now loads instantly

Also websites that require the dumbest thing in history, captchas, they are simply unusable, doesnt matter if I use the pictures or the audio, even when I get it right it just reloads the pointless captcha box. Why a captcha is necessary sometimes just to load google.com makes less than zero sense, even if I was a bot what possible harm could I do by loading a search bar? but I digress

I am on the latest version and I do have some addons installed:

privacy badger, dark reader, ublock origin, tree style tabs, privacy settings, ghostery,dontaccept webp

but even starting firefox with add ons disabled the problem is still there.

Anyone got any ideas for this? thanks

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The latest version is: 88.0.1. It appears you may be running 78.0. Please try updating to 88.0.1, following the steps, here.

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