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Missing function on browser vers 87.0

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firefox browser vers. 87.0

Previous Version When you rightclick on a grafic i found in the context menu "grafic info" which shows width and hight.

Now in the 87.0 version this very usefull feature has been removed.

Please restore this function.

Meanwhile I am trying to roll bak to vers 82.02


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Some menus and context menus have been cleaned up in Firefox 87 and some like "View Image Info" item have been removed and some others have been rearranged. See the changed section of the 87.0 release notes. A possible workaround is to check the image in the Inspector via "Inspect Element" or "Inspect Accessibility Properties" instead of scrolling through "Tools -> Page Info -> Media" depending on your use case. You can also access "Page Info" via the padlock icon on the location bar (Right Arrow -> "More information"). Note that "View Page Info" if you right-click free space on the webpage is still present, but will be removed in Firefox 88 as well.

See also:

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Hi Enzo, there is work under way to return the built-in feature in a future update, maybe in two months.

Until then, if you are considering extensions as a workaround, I posted one last week that you could look at:


Here's what its info window looks like:

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I absolutely hate when developers implement features that, they themselves want, on our behalf. You're always tinkering with stuff and trying to "fix" what isn't broken. Why can't you people ever leave anything alone? Just make a separate list in the settings area of new (and OLD) features that we the users can add, remove or switch-out as we see fit in order to better suit our browsing needs. Now that I mention it, why the hell isn't there a way to edit the context menu? I don't use half the crap that's in there. Opening an image in a new tab is a completely different action than "view image", sometimes there's no other way to view an image than clicking on "view image". Simply clicking on "save image as" doesn't mean that I'm going to get the best version of the image in question, sometimes I just get the thumbnail instead or a smaller version. How do you know that I DON'T want the image to be saved in my downloads location? More often than not, I want to save the image in a specific folder by dragging and dropping it in manually which, is much easier to do than what you're forcing us to do now because, setting a download location to a new folder or searching for a specific folder in the pop-up window every time I want to save something (images in particular) is more than a little annoying. Not to mention, did you not realize that the amount of tabs gets doubled with every click of "open image in new tab"? 10 tabs turns into 20 tabs or 40 or 80 real quick and then we have to close each tab one by one. And NO I will not be using add-ons to get this feature back because of your continuing bad decisions, also because I don't want clutter of needless junk and/or slowdown my browser more than it already is and I also won't be using CSS codes seeing as how they can be broken or rendered useless after an update, requiring me to fix the code every time, it would be far easier for you folks to simply replace what you have already than it would be for us to find a third-party work-around and hope it works and/or doesn't get removed and hope it doesn't have any adverse affects. We get use to doing things in our own ways for years and then you completely remove a feature with no rhyme, reason or logic. I know this isn't the most eloquent message and that I left some stuff out that would further help my case but, SHUT UP! I don't want to hear (read) your excuses, put the damn function back in.

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Hi maggut_rot:

  • View Image Info is returning in Firefox 89
  • No decision on changing Open Image in New Tab back to View Image

And in case it isn't obvious, support forum volunteers don't make these decisions or have special sway.

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