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The name of the folder Other Bookmarks

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Is it possible to change the name of the folder Other Bookmarks? The name should be "Temporarily Bookmarks" or "Recent Bookmarks"!

Is it possible to change the name of the folder Other Bookmarks? The name should be "Temporarily Bookmarks" or "Recent Bookmarks"!

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Hi Aleksi, unfortunately, the "top level" names (Bookmarks Menu, Bookmarks Toolbar, Other Bookmarks) can't be renamed.

If you want to create a shorter "Other Bookmarks" name for the Bookmarks Toolbar, you can create a Places Query folder, sometimes called a smart bookmark folder, pointing at your Other Bookmarks list. It's a bit weird the first few times, but it does work. So here's how:

(1) Create a new bookmark on your Bookmarks Menu using the context menu

In the attached example screenshots (made for a different thread), I'm using the Bookmarks Sidebar for this, since it's easier to move things around in there. You can open that by pressing Ctrl+b, or on the menu bar, View > Sidebar > Bookmarks. (To temporarily display the menu bar, tap the Alt or F10 key.)

Right-click Bookmarks Menu and choose New Bookmark.

In the name field, you can enter whatever you like, but for this example, I'll use TempBmk

In the location, paste the following places query:


This pulls the entire Other Bookmarks contents, and sorts in reverse chronological order (most recently added at the top of the list). I think that's probably what you had in mind with calling it Recent.

Then click the Add button. Firefox creates a bookmark with a globe icon, but it doesn't work yet.

(2) Move the bookmark to a different container

What I mean is, if you created the bookmark in Bookmarks Menu, move it to Bookmarks Toolbar, and vice versa. When you drag and drop the bookmark to its new home, Firefox will recognize it as a smart bookmark folder and change the icon. Then it becomes usable. Please see the second example screenshot.


More info on the bits and pieces of a places query: https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Mozilla/Tech/Places/Places_query_URIs

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