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Cores everywhere on Firefox 79, Windows

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My Firefox wants to upgrade itself to version 79.

I'm now running version 73. Earlier this year Firefox auto-updated itself to version 74. Cors Everywhere did not work in version 74, and I need to use Cors Everywhere frequently. To get Cors Everywhere to work, I had to go back to version 73, and of course lost all my bookmarks, logins, etc.

So before allowing it to update to version 79, I'd like to know if Cors Everywhere works in version 79.

Thank you.

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Hmm, unless a support volunteer uses CORS Everywhere exactly the way you do, I think it would be pure luck to get that part of your question answered here.

On the extension's main page (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/cors-everywhere/), there's a note in the description:

In Firefox 74.0, the addon can not operate on local files (using the file:/// protocol). This is apparently fixed in 75.0.

I don't see any problems mentioned for newer versions in the reviews:


Could I suggest this as a double-check: install Firefox Developer Edition (future version 80) alongside your regular Firefox release. It will use a separate program folder and separate profile. Then test CORS Everywhere with the sites you need to use and see whether it works in Developer. If so, most likely it will work in Firefox 79, too.


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