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Broken profile, 'select topic' on this site not working etc

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Hi, I've broken my profile which has led to several terrible effects. I suspect that this happened because I enabled Marionette in my default profile (and experimented little bit with it), although I also installed few extensions in the meantime all of them I've already deleted (Midnight Lizard and couple of auto refreshers). I don't know if I should list everything that got broken in one question, but let's begin with this one: I can't select topic for this question on my default profile (other profile is OK), because if I click no drop-down list appears. I don't see any errors in console.

the other problems are

  1. browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.topsites was set false (changed it back to true).
  2. I can't access about:preferences through Edit menu (nothing happens).
  3. FF starts with empty window and the window I used before is in the 'Recently closed windows' list, despite I closed it last. I don't know how to make Firefox restart with that window.
  4. When I attempted to open URL in Firefox from external application (for example by running 'firefox url' in console) Firefox's window used to pop up (go to the foreground before all other windows on the screen) with URL opened in a new tab. Now Firefox's window remains in background. I've changed nothing in my window manager's settings (Fluxbox is my WM) and I suggest it's also up to some changes in my profile... Also this happens with any active profile, all other issues listed only related to default profile.

I have installed new version of Firefox, but problems remained, so I believe they're up to broken profile data....

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when I do 'firefox -new-window url' new window appears in front and focused, 'firefox -new-tab url' just opens new tab with the browser remaining in background.


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