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Couldn't move files in Bookmarks, went to support, instructed to "refresh", NOW I've Lst Three years of Bookmarks/Themes & Add-ons WTH!?!?

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Greetings Ya'll,

My problem started with not being able to move bookmarks in to their folders, so I went to support, from there it instructed me to go to troubleshooting, then hit "refresh" at "Give Firefox a Tuneup". "Good Golly Miss Molly!!" It All Hit th' Fan then!

  With No Notice, Firefox disconnected from the Internet, & No window, etc. was shown at the Desktop. I immediately reactivated Firefox, & then saw that there were two Firefox icons, & also a small window popped up at Desktop, showing this "Refreshing Process". 

Now,....I've lost THREE YEARS of Bookmarks, Music, HVAC Training Videos, Family & Business links, & more!!! WTH!!!

Belay that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Found all of that in the Library & moved the Icon back to where it should be. But, it does appear that I'll have to reinstall all of my Themes, & Add-ons,... Is this Correct? And could this "Refresh Process" possibly have fixed the problem with "History & Cookies" not being deleted, via Ccleaner, when I manually did this? That problem I've already asked about, before, herein the Forum, & I did do several Screen Captures to show that, but, with everything that has been going on In "The Real World", due to My Work, Research,Family, Big Brother, Wuhan Virus, etc., I never went back to that topic.

But regarding this problem,.... I Found My Bookmarks etc, & I can now move the "Bookmarks" to their Proper Folders, but,... From what I'm looking at, I have to reset Firefox Preferences, Re-install My Additional Browsers, Themes , & all "Add Ons" Correct?

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From the Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings page:

Firefox will save these items:
  • Bookmarks
  • Browsing and download history
  • Passwords
  • Open windows and tabs
  • Cookies
  • Web form auto-fill information
  • Personal dictionary
These items and settings will be removed:

Yes, you are correct that you will need to reinstall any add-ons or themes that you previously had on Firefox and reset any preferences that you previously had.

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Refreshing Firefox {web link} is a LAST RESORT ! !

Refreshing Firefox -- easily fix most problems

If you're having problems with Firefox, refreshing it can help. The refresh feature fixes many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information like bookmarks and open tabs. Everything else, like user settings and add-ons, are removed. Note: Refresh saves your old profile to the desktop in a folder called Old Firefox.

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As to any bookmarks issues:

If you have sync, and there is a problem anywhere, Shut Down Sync Immediately On All Devices to prevent the problem from spreading. Once the problem is fixed, perform the same repair on all computers/profiles before using sync again.

[v57+] Places Maintenance is built into Firefox.

Type about:support<enter> in the address bar.

You will find Places Database near the bottom. Press the Verify Integrity button.

When done, copy and post the results here.

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Wesley & Frank,

Thank You for Your Help.

Wesley, the "Refresh", did make the Bookmarks section begin to work properly, but at the same time, it did all that You posted, meaning that I had to retrieve &/or re-subscribe to, as well as Re-set all that had been removed, which was a "Pain in the Rear", but, I've made it to that point.

A "New Problem", possibly a result of the "Refresh"? Is that even though my settings show Firefox as My "Default Browser", the Search Window is showing only Google, in fact, I'm here in the forum, apparently with Google. SMH

Last night, ..I Thought "OK,... You have to download Firefox Again,Maybe, Kinda? Sorta?" Kinda like in a Communications Board, used in a Condensing Furnace connected with a T-stat, that due to a surge, or static discharge, the "communicating" gets scrambled, but the T-stat continues to Falsely state that the Progragm is working. That didn't work.

I know that "If", I sat down, & calmed down, that sooner or later, I'd be able to remember the process, or find it,... that would make Firefox, "My Search Engine", but with the Weather now favorable for working, & several other issues, I've got to take advantage of getting the Physical work done, & then return to this tonite.

As a "Plan B",... Wesley &/or Frank,could You advise me, as far as what I need to do, to make Firefox my Browser, as well as any other adjustments/Tips & tricks needed, or recommended to fully return my system to what it was, or perhaps even better?

Again,.. Thank You for Your Help!

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Thank You for replying, I Appreciate it!

I don't use Sync,... I tried it, & then realized that Family/Business /Research, & News on the PC would overflow to my phone, which is only for Business & Family Communications, so I quickly dropped it.

The problem(s) with the "Bookmark Files" appeared only on this PC.


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Did you use the Places Database Verify Integrity?

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"Did you use the Places Database Verify Integrity? "

Not to My Knowledge,but where is that located Fred?

I also, while searching through the Firefox Menu, found where the Firefox browser was listed in two areas. The First showed it as the Default, & the second apparently had to be "Selected",... I did this & now Firefox is showing on the opening page as My Browser.

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Uhhhhhhh,... The problem with moving "Bookmarks" is back.

I just tried to move a "Bookmark" in to a Folder, & it refused to go.

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From what folder to what folder did you try to move the bookmark ?

You can't move a bookmark from a recent bookmarks list as this is not a real folder, but an automatically generated list (place query).

Does this work in the sidebar and in the Bookmarks Manager (Library)?

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FredMcD said

Did you use the Places Database Verify Integrity?

David DeBord said

Not to My Knowledge,but where is that located Fred?

See: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1286641#answer-1311923

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Corel, I'm moving the "Bookmark" from "Other Bookmarks" to Folders in that I have in "Other Bookmarks" &/or in to Folders in the Column at the far right.

Yesterday,... I tried to do this & it wouldn't work, so I shut the PC down & went to Work. Later that day, I came back & tried moving the "Bookmarks" & it all worked perfectly. Does Firefox get a "Re-set" or something when I get off of the Internet &/or shut down the PC?

And Fred, I did find:

"As to any bookmarks issues:

If you have sync, and there is a problem anywhere, Shut Down Sync Immediately On All Devices to prevent the problem from spreading. Once the problem is fixed, perform the same repair on all computers/profiles before using sync again."

But, since I don't "Sync",... I didn't try it.