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What is the deal with Kaspersky Internet Security? Was just upgraded to Firefox Version 73.0 (32 bit) and I no longer can select Kaspersky as an add on. Fix?

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The Add on was working about a week ago, and just noticed that it is no longer an add on option? why is this? what is the fix? Thank you.

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You should contact Kaspersky support.

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thank you but my issue is not sideloaded extenstions. i agree with Firefox discontinuing that process. Kaspersky is now removed from the firefox browser, and when you click on Add-ons, it does not even appear as an option to enable on Firefox anymore. yet it is still there for IE11 and Chrome.....that is the issue. Before when i had the issue with a previous firefox version, it was a visible add on, it just was not possible to enable, and it stated that in the error message. now there is nothing....

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thank you Fred - i will check with KIS, but i do not know what they would be able to do since it appears to be a firefox compatibility issue. my other browsers (IE11 & Chrome) are working fine.

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If you want to add a search engine, check this link: https://mycroftproject.com/