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bookmarks & extensions synced but not logins & passwords

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I am using firefox on my desktop and laptop with sync to get the same bookmarks, extensions, logins & passwords on both. Yesterday I did a fresh re-install of windows and firefox on my laptop. Them I logged into sync.

After a few minutes, it got my bookmarks and my extensions reinstalling, but that was yesterday and ever since, I never got my logins and passwords.

I checked the "logins" box in about:preferences#sync, checked "use a master password" in about:preferences#privacy and did a "sync now" but still no passwords and logins. They should still be on my desktop (I did not start it since) but I am afraid they will disappear when I connect if it syncs with the laptop which has none of them.

How can I be sure I keep them on my desktop when I turn it on? Can I save them somehow?

And then how can I get them on my laptop too?

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Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles.{web link} I use an add-on that makes backups of my user profile, Just In Case. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the current Firefox.

Every now and then, open the profile folder and create a copy of the current profile as is to another location on your hard drive. This way you will have a backup.

If you do this each day, you will not lose much data. This should be done with Firefox Closed.

Note: In case you need to restore from these backups, you may need to overwrite old or corrupted files.

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We need to look at the sync logs.

Note: Do the following for each problem system/profile. And label each as to what system/profile.

Type about:sync-log<enter> in the address bar.

Open the last file created and Copy its contents Now Paste it into this forum.

If the file is too large;

Open a text/word program and load the file. Left-click once. Now <Control> A to highlight everything, then <Control> C to copy it.

Next, have your web browser go to; https://pastebin.com/

Paste <Control> P the content of the file in the window. Note: On the bottom, fill out the boxes as best you can.

Now press Create A New Paste. The page will reload. Copy the new web address, and post it here.