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Can't play web video

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Hi, until about a month ago i could play any video on any site , i think firefox was using flashplayer then. Lately i can't play a lot of videos on line it keeps wanting to open them in another tab with VLC player which is time consuming and most inconvenient. i have tried a couple of different versions of flash player and firefox but still the same problem. i am using windows xp sp3. thanks

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Hi, always use the latest flash version : Please us this to remove it : https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/uninstall-flash-player-windows.html Reinstall with Flash Player Version: Current Version https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/

This is the last current version of Firefox that works with XP/VISTA https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/52.9.0esr/ Please pick 32 or 64 bit ( I think your 32 but you would know best) Pick your language if in the US it is US-EN


I would think the below is your issue.

I would think your lucky playing anything as your Video Card Drivers are a mess. Please uninstall and reinstall them. adapterDescription: Intel(R) G965 Express Chipset Family driverDate: 7-21-2006 https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html

webgl2Renderer: WebGL creation failed: * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Exhausted GL driver caps. webglRenderer: WebGL creation failed: * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Exhausted GL driver caps.

featureLog: {u'fallbacks': [], u'features': [{u'status': u'available', u'description': u'Compositing', u'log': [{u'status': u'available', u'type': u'default'}], u'name': u'HW_COMPOSITING'}, {u'status': u'blacklisted', u'description': u'Direct3D11 Compositing', u'log': [{u'status': u'available', u'type': u'default'}, {u'status': u'blacklisted', u'message': u'#BLOCKLIST_FEATURE_FAILURE_INTEL_5', u'type': u'env'}], u'name': u'D3D11_COMPOSITING'}, {u'status': u'blacklisted', u'description': u'Direct3D9 Compositing', u'log': [{u'status': u'available', u'type': u'default'}, {u'status': u'blacklisted', u'message': u'#BLOCKLIST_FEATURE_FAILURE_DL_BLACKLIST_g511', u'type': u'env'}], u'name': u'D3D9_COMPOSITING'}, {u'status': u'unavailable', u'description': u'Direct2D', u'log': [{u'status': u'unavailable', u'message': u'Direct2D requires Direct3D 11 compositing', u'type': u'default'}], u'name': u'DIRECT2D'}, {u'status': u'disabled', u'description': u'Direct3D11 hardware ANGLE', u'log': [{u'status': u'unavailable', u'message': u'D3D11 compositing is disabled', u'type': u'default'}, {u'status': u'disabled', u'message': u'D3D11 compositing is disabled', u'type': u'env'}], u'name': u'D3D11_HW_ANGLE'}]}

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Hi, ya when I said the last it is the last compatible browser. Please do not try and update as anything higher is not compatible. Support ended Sept 5th for XP/VISTA

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Hi, thank for your prompt reply. I did what you asked not much has changed i can still play a lot of web vidoes same as before like youtube and facebook. here is a link for an example of a video i CANNOT play. thanks for your time.

[Adult link removed by moderator. Please read Mozilla Support rules and guidelines, thanks.]

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It is x-player you would need to search for minimum requirements. Technology is passing you.

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Thanks again for your response. Whats is x-player ? thanks

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You appear to be running a 52.0b9 Beta version.

Why aren't you using the last 52.9.0 ESR version for your OS?

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thanks again. Sorry about that i have now installed 52.9.0 ESR. Still the same. Some vids will play but some won't . Thanks

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Firefox relies on built-in OS support to play media files via the HTML5 media player. On the Windows XP platform you do not have native support for playing MP4 files with the HTML5 media player.

You can try if the solution posted here to add support for playing MP4 files works for you.

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Thanks again, i did what it said in the link you supplied bit Primetime is not showing in my Plugins. Thanks.

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You are going to have to Google x-player embedded and just x-player minimum requirements.

IF as suggested you can install VLC Video Lan and it will play almost anything. You Right Click URL's and stick URL's into VLC

Or the same with HPC-HCx64 discussed in URL

If you need Codecs for other stand alone players use K-Lite

Please Explore Moving to Linux to keep yourself and others on the net safe from a expired and obsolete OS like XP

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what is x-player?

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Strange that this only happened in the last month.