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How can I make google.ca my default search engine?

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Until recently I was able to use google.ca as my default search engine. Now this is no longer the case. Since I am Canadian....and also live in Canada I would think that this would be a pretty easy task.....NOPE! Please fix. This is annoying enough to use a different browser and never look back.

It is pretty simple really. When I search from the address bar or search bar I need the search done from a Canadian prospective and as far as I can tell this is no longer an option? But it really should be.

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Although most people have never heard of Mycroft, it is the leading site for this sort of thing...

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Hi FireGeek, for years and years Google just automatically redirected searches run on google.com to the user's nearby geographic Google site. However, this isn't as consistent now. You can install a Google CA plugin and make that your default search engine.

One place to look is the Add-ons site, but I didn't see one near the top of the results and wasn't patient enough to go on and on:


Another useful source is this enormous list:


If you don't find anything in either place that works the way you want, we could discuss how to roll your own.

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Thanks a bunch for the info....I did go through the addons. I went through a lot of them and tried several different searches and walked away empty handed. However, that mycroftproject link you sent, this is new to me. I did find one that works and meets my needs. But this seems like work around and not an actual fix. One should not have to find a skethcy link on some back water site to make the google.com go to google.ca.... Cheers and thanks again for the help...I hope is lasts.

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Although most people have never heard of Mycroft, it is the leading site for this sort of thing...

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Hi I live in Canada also and have noticed that when I search or pull up the google search to a new tab it has Canadian Doodles. As can see here : https://www.google.com/webhp?ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b with Tom Longboat So you are actually getting a Canadian version of google.com

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Click the google icon in the small search bar and the page opens as per above.

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While the mycroftproject link worked....it seems like a work around.

And while I see that when I click the google icon I get the Canadian .com google.

it still does not help that when searching right from the bar I get Merica google.com.

but the am now using the mycroft link I was directed to and hope that works from now on.

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Perhaps Canadians should agitate for their own releases of Firefox (in English and in French, naturally).

I guess until then, someone should post search plugins on the Add-ons site.

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Canadians do feel left out when there is en-US, en-GB and en-ZA as is on www.mozilla.org/firefox/all/

So can you go to google.ca directly and stay on Google Canada results correctly?


If you are near the US border it may be possible your current IP used is being read or located as being in US.

Mycroft has been around for a long time as the url used to be mycroft.mozdev.org

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