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Firefox sound will not play on default sound

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In the last Firefox upgrade, it has prevented ANY sound playing through the default speaker. ALL other applications, Windows 10 sounds, etc. ALL sounds play fine through regular default speaker out port. It is only Firefox which will not play sound unless I change it to another port. Please advise why it will not play on default settings and how to resolve.

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The Type Ahead Find feature is the only Windows sound that has ever been part of Firefox. There have been a number of different "sound" extensions available for Firefox available over the years, but I have never used any of them so I don't have a recommendation.

Here is a search of the Addons.Mozilla.Org website for "sound" add-ons.

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Thanks for the try, but that's not at all what I'm talking about. To be specific, if I go to Youtube as an example and play a video... there's no sound from the video. Doesn't matter where I go and try to play audio or video, no audio comes through.