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How to have Firefox check add-on age only on startup.

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I'm looking for an about:config switch that can be toggled to disable Firefox checking add-on age except when starting it (I suspect this age is "app.update.lastUpdateTime.addon-background-update-timer").

I occasionally set my Windows clock back about two years, which used to just throw security errors on new pages. Now it also disables add-ons, which is obnoxious. Even after resetting the clock and restarting Firefox, they still can't be enabled unless extensions.legacy.enabled is set to true, which seems inadvisable.

Alternately, is there a number I can reset "app.update.lastUpdateTime.addon-background-update-timer" or another variable to that will re-enable extensions?


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Push back the clock two years? That's up to you I guess.

You can also post your question in the add-ons forum; https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/c/add-ons

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Well yeah, the program that needs an incorrect clock, I start with a batch file that sets such a clock. The problem is, that breaks Firefox. If it just broke new pages, fine. But now, it breaks extensions on existing tabs.

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Please explain the problem in detail. What happens? Error messages?

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No errors, no.

Firefox is already running. Set clock back ~ 2 years. Firefox checks time since add-ons were updated, throws a fit. Add-ons get shunted to "legacy" category and turned off. Resetting clock to current, then restarting Firefox does not re-enable add-ons. Enabling legacy add-ons in about:config does work, but is a security risk. Eventually, Firefox moves the add-ons back to the normal category, and disabling legacy add-ons is possible.

If Firefox could be told to only check add-on age when I start it, this wouldn't be an issue. I have to restart it once every day or two anyway, so this is not a security issue for my use case.

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I am still using v54 as my primary.