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why do we have to fix crash issue that your update caused

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really annoyed that auto update has caused crashing almost every time i click on a site / run a video or turn a page . what has been done that has messed up . and is any thing being done about it ?

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We're sorry to hear that Firefox is crashing. In order to assist you better, please follow the steps below to provide us crash IDs to help us learn more about your crash.

The crash report is several pages of data. We need the report numbers to see the whole report.

  1. Enter about:crashes in the Firefox address bar and press Enter. A Submitted Crash Reports list will appear, similar to the one shown below.
  2. Copy the 5 most recent Report IDs that start with bp- and then go back to your forum question and paste those IDs into the "Post a Reply" box.

Note: If a recent Report ID does not start with bp- click on it to submit the report.

(Please don't take a screenshot of your crashes, just copy and paste the IDs. The below image is just an example of what your Firefox screen should look like.)


Thank you for your help!

More information and further troubleshooting steps can be found in the Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly) article.

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79475d40-0d4c-409b-a8e3-0ba830485ef3 30/08/2017 16:06 065f4d2b-bec7-4bc3-9f47-ad7d762ae781 27/08/2017 15:16 eddd680f-fbca-4baf-9276-13a45b07dfc9 26/08/2017 16:01 f6617f03-7ff8-4d9c-8f5b-a47ef7f49756 23/08/2017 22:13 c36d56c2-ab60-495f-96f0-fc49a1068550 21/08/2017 12:15 1f994784-ad65-4c63-89a0-50113eb77043 11/08/2017 17:30 e0d2d9e5-15a4-4a12-b262-2a30ea673aec 12/07/2017 22:22 c4f282d6-1a32-4ba5-bd7f-27875cbfe2f8 05/06/2017 06:04 d15f9d22-1693-4563-88ba-7787026eb33e 16/04/2017 00:10 72ad166f-c6c9-4a99-8342-13a5b5d31d27 15/04/2017 17:04

do not mean to sound rude but really is annoying as the update was auto and since it did it tis is a small amount of crashes iv'e had .

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Submitted Crash Reports Report ID Date Submitted bp-5951de5b-ec74-47e3-8fd9-632cd0170830 30/08/2017 22:00 bp-7ee63a42-0689-4d24-b519-94fe70170830 30/08/2017 16:00 bp-69d845bc-a804-48e4-b53f-e3a9d0170829 29/08/2017 10:47 bp-7c0b78a4-5ffb-452a-a283-ceae41170827 27/08/2017 23:39 bp-a3a71ce0-976e-46e8-9fca-0ea3a1170827 27/08/2017 15:09 bp-276541f1-d6d5-4937-875c-05f501170826 26/08/2017 10:04

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mmm no reply gr8

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We do not live here.

The people who answer questions here, for the most part, are other Firefox users volunteering their time (like me), not Mozilla employees or Firefox developers.

If you want to leave feedback for Firefox developers, you can go to the Firefox Help menu and select Submit Feedback... or use this link. Your feedback gets collected by a team of people who read it and gather data about the most common issues.

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bp-5951de5b-ec74-47e3-8fd9-632cd0170830 Signature: CClassCache::GetClassObjectActivator

Date Processed 2017-08-30 21:00:08

User Comments; Gah. Your tab just crashed.

Nvwgf2um.dll = NVIDIA Compatible D3D10 Driver = NVIDIA Corporation ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ bp-7ee63a42-0689-4d24-b519-94fe70170830 Signature: nvwgf2um.dll | BaseThreadInitThunk

Date Processed 2017-08-30 15:00:52

These reports are old and may not be the current issue.

Note: There have been many crashes of late because of graphics driver problems.

Do you have any current crash reports? Remember to submit any non bp- reports.

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5520a816-897f-42bd-9636-cb83f3734a8a 10/09/2017 15:12

this was yesterday ... am aware that people here are for the most part volunteering , but the guy who answered me question in first place asked me to post details . which i did and got no further contact so i was abit put out.

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bp-3cb852ef-eedf-4999-b36e-c62fc1170910 10/09/2017 15:16

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Well done.

bp-3cb852ef-eedf-4999-b36e-c62fc1170910 Signature: nvwgf2um.dll | BaseThreadInitThunk

Nvwgf2um.dll = NVIDIA Compatible D3D10 Driver = NVIDIA Corporation

This is for Sumo's Related Bugs 1310600 RESOLVED FIXED Spike in crashes with Nvidia driver DLLs in Firefox 50

1292273 REOPENED --- Crash in nvwgf2um.dll | BaseThreadInitThunk

The current Firefox has been having issues with the graphics drivers and some protection programs.

I called for more help.

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is there a solution or should i just uninstall mozilla ?

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FredMcD said

I called for more help.

Note: v55 has been giving users problems. Reinstall v54.

https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/install-older-version-of-firefox?cache=no Be sure to read everything here.

If you still want to downgrade, look under; I still want to downgrade. Click the Directory of other versions and languages link. Look for the directory of the version that you want. But, remember that old versions may have security issues.

You should also check out Firefox; Extended Support Release {web link} ESR Notes System Requirements

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Please don't use old versions of Firefox (downgrading from Firefox 55 to 54 will actually break things in your profile, plus exposing you to security holes).

Can you try disabling Hardware acceleration? Turning off hardware acceleration

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Tyler Downer said

Please don't use old versions of Firefox (downgrading from Firefox 55 to 54 will actually break things in your profile, plus exposing you to security holes). Can you try disabling Hardware acceleration? Turning off hardware acceleration

it ryed this on advise from someone else it makes no difference still get the crashes on vidios , facebook and just opening up another page tab or site.

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I did some digging and there is a bug on file for this, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1388437

I've posted your thread there as additional information.

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Check out Firefox v56 beta, some of the issues with Intel drivers have been fixed. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/beta/all/

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Can you please try installing Firefox 57, https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/channel/desktop/#nightly

Then let us know if it still crashes or not.