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EAR ECCN - Urgent Request

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Hi We are a company in the UK and we urgently require assistance to identify the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) of your product under the EAR. After scouring your website the only information I have been able to find is from 2013 and references ECCN 5D002.c.1 and licence exception 740-13 (e) TSU Unrestricted. This information is however out of date and paragraph (e) of the TSU exemption no longer exists.

Could you please confirm what the latest classification of your product should be? Many thanks

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What is it that you are actually exporting (and to and from which country). Bear in mind that Firefox itself is available from servers in the USA to many countries worldwide, and I am not sure restrictions still apply to open source crypto.

You are not really in the best place for asking about this. I am guessing you found

Maybe some of the resources it links to may help you track down recent information.

If it is relating to deploying Firefox and especially the ESR version you may get answers in the ESR EWG mailing list see

Otherwise look to the main fora|mailing lists

If you do post in the main fora please provide a link to your question as the answer may help others in the future, The person answering may even be able to update or arrange for any outdated documents to be updated.

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Thanks, yes it is with regards to Firefox ESR & that is exactly the post I was referring to.

Currently we are not exporting outside the UK, however we are being asked by another business for export control declarations on which we need to state the ECCN of all software we are providing. Mozilla Firefox are the only company where we cannot openly find this information.

I will try posting on the forum you have suggested, however is there a contact number where I can speak to someone directly? Again I cannot find anything on the website to help me here.

Many thanks for your assistance.

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Posting on the forum is probably the best method. You could try pot luck and email trademarksATmozilla.com as hopefully staff over there would read your email and forward it to the relevant people.

Most contact details are confidential if available at all. You are in the UK, and I believe one of the important legal staff members is based in the UK. I suppose you could try the publicly listed press office email address


Maybe that would quickly get you in contact with someone who knows the answer or knows who to refer you to.