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How can I derive bandwidth usage from Firefox logs?

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I have followed the directions for enabling Firefox logging (on Linux) as provided here:


I am now in possession of a detailed log.txt file from a complete Firefox session. I wish to use the data contained therein to create a summary (either by hostname or by host IP) of the total number of bytes received from each separate host during the complete Firefox session in question. How may I accomplish this? Please describe your answer in detail. Mostly, I need to know which specific log records I should be fishing out of the great mass of log data in order to derive the summary per-host bandwidth data that I want to create.

P.S. I am well versed in awk, sed, grep, and Perl, so if someone can just tell me what sorts of log file lines I should be looking for, then I should be able to fish those out for myself, and then perform the simple arithmetic additions needed to summarize the bandwidth usage on a per-host basis.

P.P.S. My question is in reference to Firefox 46.0 on Ubuntu.

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I'm not sure anyone who frequents this forum will be able to answer this. I tried a little logging in Windows and it's disturbingly verbose.

I can find either of these lines:

I/nsHttp   Content-Length:
ParseLine [Content-Length:

But when I try to associate them to a hostname or IP, I'm stymied by the volume of data. Looking backwards, the response seems to be associated with a socket value, a thread value... it's not straightforwards.

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Thank you for your reply.

Can you suggest a different place where I should post the question in order to have a greater chance of receiving a useful reply?

P.S. I gather that the "stock" method of enabling logging, as described in the URL that I previously cited, makes use of logging levels of "5". Perhaps I just need to select some different/higher level/levels (?)

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Go to the Mozilla Add-ons Web Page {web link} (There’s a lot of good stuff here) and search for what you want.

There might be something here you can use.

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JohnBigbooty said

Can you suggest a different place where I should post the question in order to have a greater chance of receiving a useful reply?

I sometimes can find a relevant mailing list, but none of these jump out at me as the right place: https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo

Maybe search around for articles or blog posts on parsing the log.txt file?