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jpost.com freezes up using Firefox

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Using Firefox 43.0.4 but this problem was present in earlier versions. When I read an article on the jpost.com website, once I start reading the comments section, Firefox inevitably locks up (usually after a minute or few minutes). Then Firefox eventually crashes unless the process is killed first by the user.

Microsoft Edge does not have this problem.

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Thanks Fred & Cor-el. I think I have done all I can to optimize my Firefox profile. There is no question the website jpost.com is the problem. On a brand new firefox installation on a different computer going to the website will cause Firefox to go from a few percent CPU to 15%.

On my computer, if I open two tabs (this page and jpost.com), when I am on this page (mozilla support) Firefox CPU usage is at under 3%, if I merely switch to the tab with Jpost.com it jumps to 8-9%. That's without doing anything on the page, just switching so it is visible. When I switch back to the mozilla support tab/page, CPU drops back down to 2.7%.

I assume switching tabs does something to cause Firefox to be impacted on a webpage and switching back somehow releases a burden on Firefox?

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