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Where is the official download page for full version of Firefox? Old one has only stubs now.

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The old page now has stubs only, there is no full version on it: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/

Separate but valid question: Searching Mozilla Support on this very forum yields no answers as to where to download the full version of the program itself, around which this entire forum has been set up with all the numerous questions in it about the program... yet there is no answer on how and where to actually *GET* the full version of the program... this strongly suggests that the forum administrators went out of their way, to make it difficult to impossible for users to get the FULL VERSION of the program...

There are many valid reasons for needing the full version of the program, don't you think it's pretty incredible that it has always been difficult to download the full version of Firefox? The old page had it buried in between the Acholi and Xhosa languages, even though English (US) is probably needed by millions of users vs. relatively few for Acholi and Xhosa... Millions of users had to go though gymnastics of finding it buried in between all the worlds languages with every consecutive version, and now they completely removed it even from that page...

What is the the reason, and you have to agree there is a reason, for Mozilla preventing us from having the full installation file? And what is the reason, even when the full installation file existed on that page, for this forum to make it almost impossible to find that page when searching the forum, or the entire internet for the official full version download page?

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Last time I checked, that page did link to full installers. The format of the links for Windows was:


I have bolded the part that currently says stub. Hand-crafted links in that form still work (but I have broken the link in this post with my formatting).

I don't have personal knowledge of what's going on with the "all" download page and hope it changes back.

As for blaming this forum for anything having to do with the "all" download page, you must be kidding. That page was always available from the main page using a link that said Systems & Languages and as the link says, it lists all the available systems and languages.

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unfortunately /firefox/all/ providing only stub installers for windows is a bug at the moment which will be fixed soon.

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obviously the 37.0 part would just be replaced with future version number - still very complicated but quicker than before.

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Firefox has no:

1. Single, easily accessible current full version download web page.

2. Single, easily accessible page that clearly lists version history changes (instead of complicated to get to individual separate pages for each and every new version).

3. Single, easily accessible overview page of release schedule dates, past and (estimated) future dates just for official version releases, not alpha and beta test releases.

This is standard web site procedure for a lot of programs, and should be for Firefox too, if anyone knows where a request for this can be posted and thinks this would make things easier for Firefox users, please post there.

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1. The fact that full installers are not at https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/ is a simple bug that we will fix shortly. 2. Simply change the version number to whatever release notes you wish to see (https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/37.0/releasenotes/) 3. You can use http://release.mozilla.org/planning/2015/01/13/release-schedule.html or https://wiki.mozilla.org/Releases to see the current release schedule.

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With all due respect to Acholi and Xhosa languages, but why are they making millions of users hunt for the English version instead of having a single web page that simply has a Download link to the latest version, period.

They can have individual pages for other languages, but most importantly, for the language millions of users are interested in, this would be logical.

People are supposed to magically know what version numbers were released, then TYPE IN that version number, instead of having a simple version history page, like almost every program out there, every less important program than Firefox... There should definitely be a single page listing version history, don't you agree?

Your third point is valid, this is a great future release date page: http://release.mozilla.org/planning/2015/01/13/release-schedule.html

If you didn't tell me though, I would have never found it on the internet.

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There is an index to release notes here: https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/releases/

You've seen the individual pages: how would you make a consolidated/sequential page useful -- just head to foot one after the next? Organized by component? Other?

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The EN-US build of Firefox isn't more important than any others, in fact we don't even have as many EN-US users as some other locales. Also, most users don't download the full installers, they use the stub or the internal updater. So we are ok with a few users having to browse through a list to find their language :)

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All I know is that user-friendly programs have a single page you can bookmark and permanently use to simply CLICK ON DOWNLOAD to get the latest version.

You can always check that one single page and simply click on Download and there you would have the latest version you can take and install on any computer with or without internet connection.

To not have a single page to download is to be disconnected with what it means to have a user friendly approach to customers. Making them jump through hoops is not conducive to good business...

To answer the above poster asking how a single version history page could be made: You have one single web page address which lists what's new in every consecutive version that gets released.

One single page is what most other software programs have.

They range from simple text files on a SINGLE web page like this for example: http://www.scootersoftware.com/ChangeLog.txt

to something more fancy on ONE SINGLE CHANGELOG location. No need to type in version number or do anything else, making it simple for anyone to check what's new in the latest version - using one simple permanent web page link.

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Anyways the systems & Languages page has the full offline setups for Windows again as it was not intentional to have stubs there. This only lasted for about a day.


Upravil(a) James dňa

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They do at times have a single page as for example the Beta Release Notes have all of the Beta updates for a version on one page like with the the 37.0 Beta#. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/37.0beta/releasenotes/

Also Release notes for a version lists a lot of things that are worthy of note and there is a link for in Bugzilla tracker listing all of the related bugs in changes that would make for a huge list if listed also.

Upravil(a) James dňa

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First of all thank you for fixing the page to list full version of the program that can be used to install the program on any computer anywhere, we will continue to scroll down the full list of ALL the world's languages to get to English, with every incremental version, we will continue to go down that list because hey, there's not that many of us English version users anyway, so that's ok, right?

The above poster has considerably misunderstood the topic on multiple points. So you listed a version specific link and you talk about Beta versions. You knew we are on version 37 point zero.

This is not about betas but about knowing what's new in the current official version, whatever that version is, be it 36.0 or 36.0.4 or 37.0 - one single link to what's new in the official versions of the program as of now, no matter which version the program is on.

Your link REQUIRES you to know exactly what the current version is. Why would an ordinary user be expected to know that? They just want to have a single link they can use AT ANY time to see what's new in the official release versions, without knowing the current version number.

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In case you missed the link posted by jscher2000, all of the Release versions Release notes are indexed at https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/releases/

You are misunderstanding as I said the 37.0beta notes page was an example of a page where they do combine version updates notes.

Doing this combination page for the Beta builds has been confusing at times in not easily knowing the separate changes. There is no 38.0beta page to use as example as the 38.0b1 is not even officially out yet let alone have had a few updates yet to be used as a combined versions notes example anyways.

Yes I am fully aware that Firefox 3.7.0 is out as I knew for weeks it was going to be out today baring any last minute issues

Your method of having one long link of all changes for a version would make for a huge mess. Mozilla would have changed to this way at some point if they thought it was a practical thing to do.

The way it is now has worked great for a long time and you are probably the only person I have seen in my long time years of support here and at mozillaZine to complain about how the Release notes for Releases is done and insist Mozilla change to do ALL Release version notes on one page.

Upravil(a) James dňa

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The "all" page is back to having normal link for Windows: https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/all/

Thanks to whoever took care of that.

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Ok, guys, I cannot edit the first post of the tread but if by some miracle you read the thread so far, the above posted labyrinth link is no longer necessary.

Here is the one permanent single link for the most recent official version of the Firefox browser: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/latest/win32/en-US/

If the moderators could place this in the original post#1 of this thread, it may help other people.

The person who posted a link to the Release Notes was right, I apologize, there is a permanent single page through which you can get to the changelog.

So here is the summary of answers to all the questions:

1. Single permanent full version download page: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/latest/win32/en-US/

2. Single permanent version history changelog page: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/releases/

3. Single permanent release schedule page, so you know when the next version of Firefox to expect: http://release.mozilla.org/planning/2015/01/13/release-schedule.html

Once again there is no way you can download or get an idea how to download the full version of Firefox from firefox.com.

Whatever the reason for that is, that's the reason why it's not easy to very quickly download the full version once you find the page containing 356 (three hundred fifty six) different downloads on a single page.

The English version download is buried somewhere in the middle of those 356 downloads so once again, use this instead: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/latest/win32/en-US/\

Obviously you can edit the link to point to your own language.

Upravil(a) c627627 dňa

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Or you can just go to https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/all/ for latest Firefox Release for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux as the full setups for Windows are there again.

The US and British English easy to find as it is alphabetical and you can use findbar.

No need to link to the FTP for full setup of latest Release.

You can find it on mozilla.org as you look in green download box and click on the Systems & Languages link. The "What's New" link beside it is to the version Release Notes.

edit: Also the Releases schedule is listed at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Releases

Upravil(a) James dňa

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There is a fundamental disconnect about how little average users care about Aurora or Beta releases that litter your link.

They've also never seen Linux or wish to care at all about it.

They live in a different world from most people posting in this thread and ignoring them is not doing Mozilla any favors.

People are merely interested in when the next official version will be out and they want a simple page with the word DOWNLOAD on it to get the full version of the program.

This thread found the two links closest to that goal: • http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/latest/win32/en-US/http://release.mozilla.org/planning/2015/01/13/release-schedule.html

The same pages you guys keep posting here are for geeks who live in a bubble - disconnected from the concept of how the mind of an average user works! You vastly overestimate the intelligence of the average people out here in the real world. You actually think they care about Auroras? They want to run as far away as possible when they see pages mentioning that stuff...

Upravil(a) c627627 dňa

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Note that it is preferred to use the CDN server and not the FTP server.

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The above poster's link is not working but this is an excellent link and I thank you for posting it:

philipp said