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Version 33.03 Upgrade for Max OS 10.7.5 - Bug Has Data in Danger - Urgent Help Needed

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After upgrading to 33.03, I get an error message whenever I try to quit or restart saying "Cancel All Downloads? If you quit now, 72 downloads will be canceled. Are you sure you want to quit?" with buttons saying "Don't Quit" and "Cancel 72 Downloads"

I absolutely do NOT want to cancel ANY downloads, but I seem to be stuck. There is some urgency because my area in Maryland has frequent power failures, and the least short-term power fluctuation will cause my iMac to restart, causing me to lose hours of choosing and downloading graphics files. What can I do?

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Go to your local department / electronics store and look around for an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that is useful for you. The lowest price is $50 + -. There are also units on the market that plug in to the computer. And if the battery gets low, will shut down the computer to protect it.

Those downloads, are they something you want, or bad data? In other words, do you need them?


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Yes, the downloads are something I want. I downloaded them on purpose.

And unfortunately it's a bit late to install a new UPS (the one I have is almost 15 years old). I would have to unplug my Mac to swap out the UPS, which would wipe out the downloads.

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The best thing to do is;

Write down all of those downloads. Once that is done, shut down all of them. Reboot. Add the new UPS if you want (15 years ? ! ). Once the system is rebooted, start Firefox. Go back to the download list, and do them ONE or TWO at a time. There are download managers that can do this for you, leaving you free to do as you please.

Go to the Mozilla Add-ons Web Page {web link} (There’s a lot of good stuff here) and search for what you want.

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I found an easier way. In the Tools/Downloads window, all the problem downloads are shown with progress bars making no progress, and marked with an X. Clicking on the X cancels the download and reveals the web site it is being downloaded from. The X also changes to the Reload symbol. You can then use the Command-Shift-4 command to copy all the windows with problem download file name/web site combinations to the desktop. Then force Firefox to quit to prevent it from clearing all downloads, and many of the "stuck" downloads will be recovered when Firefox is launched again. You can then check the download list against the screen shot window(s) to see which files have been recovered, and which missing files you want to try downloading again.

By the way, my UPS is getting a bit long in the tooth. I bought it new with my G4 system, and its been in place without a thought through my G5 system, and now my iMac. Thanks for bringing it up.

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Sounds like a plan. BTW, the batteries are only good for so long. Check your user guides.