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Firefox randomly crashes once or twice a day

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Ever since a recent update in April (I forget which version) Firefox crashes randomly ever 2-5 days. Prior to the update Firefox almost never crashed on me.

The crash reports don't seem to have anything in common:

bp-3ea7b63f-974e-4e86-866f-f61222140611 bp-91a9e01e-da64-4707-8a71-f72ab2140610 bp-ca9750b5-9fdd-4a3b-84f9-379a02140605 bp-230e266f-753e-45d5-9e77-19f862140602 bp-3652b2d5-727f-4ab9-af5a-d78002140520

(plus about 2 dozen more reports since April 16.

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The crash reports have different signatures so it's hard to pinpoint an exact cause. You can upgrade to Firefox 30 as it was released yesterday and see if you have any crashes. 30 fixed some bugs.

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Yes, I got the update notification shortly after posting my problem. Hopefully, it's a sign :)

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Awesome! Please post back here if you receive any new crashes while using 30. We won't close this thread until you post back. Well that sucks.

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Well, that was a short-lived experiment!


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633927 NEW --- crash in gfxWindowsPlatform::ResolveFontName @ SearchTable 306319 RESOLVED WORKSFORME Someone forgot to call xptiWorkingSet::isValid, resulting in crashes [@ SearchTable]

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And two more today:



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Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} While you are in safe mode; Press the <Alt> or <F10> key to bring up the tool bar. Followed by;

Windows; Tools > Options Linux; Edit > Preferences Mac; application name > Preferences

Then Advanced > General. Look for and turn off Use Hardware Acceleration.

Poke around safe web sites and see if there is still a problem. Then restart.

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OK I'll try that, though I should note that I disabled hardware acceleration a long time ago due to instability with my nvidia GPU.

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I was having crashes with 29 and 29.0.1, possibly also having had some with 28.

When alerted about the Firefox 30 update two days ago, it was immediately installed.

No crashes have occurred with 30 so far.

There does seem to be 1 bug in 30 that's affecting me, but it's unrelated to crashes and a new forum thread will be started for this problem, which is that text descriptions for videos at YouTube can no longer be copied.

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So I browsed around for the rest of yesterday in safe mode with no crashes. I'm going to keep using safe mode today (since the crashes are so intermittent I'm not yet 100% sure if safe mode is helping or not.)

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Are you using the new Firefox 30?

I am. The Firefox alert appeared on June 10th and said that Ffx 30 was now available, so I downloaded and installed within an hour or so afterwards. And it's only crashed one time, after using it for many hours since having installed it.

Using the Web with Firefox in safe mode isn't something I'd do, except for testing if any of the extensions I've installed might be causing a problem. It's the only time that I'd use safe mode.

With safe mode, all extensions are disabled and this includes NoScript, RequestPolicy, AdBlock Plus, Redirect Cleaner, and HTTPS Everywhere, an add-on from EFF.org. AdBlock Plus isn't for security purposes, per se, or certainly not as much as these other extensions are, but I've used Firefox at a community organization and AdBlock Plus wasn't installed. That experience confirmed to me that there's no way that I'd want to use Firefox without AdBlock Plus. Without it, surfing the Web became extraordinarily annoying, extremely unpleasant.

It's NOT a good idea to use Firefox without those security extensions.

I additionally make use of BetterPrivacy, BrowserProtect, CS Lite Mod, Dr. Web Anti-Virus Link Checker, VTzilla (VirusTotal.com add-on), and WOT for additional security add-ons, but the ones mentioned above are more essential, imo. And there're a good number of add-ons for various functionality. Those are handy but less essential.

Of course I'm careful about which websites are visited, but even they can potentially become infected and pass the infections on to vistors. Firefox automatically blocks websites, once in a while, but it doesn't provide all of the additional security that the extensions mentioned above add.

If you're not using Firefox 30 yet, then my recommendation is to do so and not in safe mode.

If you do that, plus use YouTube and sometimes like to highlight text in a text description the publisher or uploaded included for a video, and you find that this doesn't work anymore, then check out the following forum thread, for there's a simple solution.

Start of forum thread: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2842787

Full solution post: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2842787&p=13615805#p13615805

In the post to start the forum thread, I'm referring to Problem #1. The second problem described isn't due to Firefox 30, for it's been happening for two or three versions of Firefox; and I'm pretty sure it's happened with 30, but will wait and see, to be sure.

The solution to Problem #1, for enabling text copying again at YouTube, is a short single-liner piece of CSS code that's easily added with the Stylish add-on, and additionally using the Stylish Tools add-on makes it even easier.

So, give Firefox 30 a try to see if it crashes on you anywhere as much as 29 did. It's only happened one time to me so far, so 30 is the way to go, imo.

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Thanks for your effort mikecorbeil but I'm already on version 30 (see my second post to this thread) and I'm aware of what's disabled in safe mode, but since I'm not able to reproduce the crash on demand I need to let it run in safe mode during my normal browsing habits in order to exclude an addon as the culprit.

I've experienced no crashes under safe mode, so I'm going to assume that it is an addon. Any suggestions on figuring out which one?

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Open the add-ons manager. For now, Disable All add-ons installed or updated This Year Only.

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OK, so I disabled a number of addons and have not had a crash since my last posting. I'm going to go through and enable each one until I find the culprit and permanently remove it. Thanks!

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Ever since downloading and installing Firefox 30 on June 10th, there's been only 1 crash and this was a few or more days ago. No extensions had to be disabled or removed.

Upgrading to this current version of the browser is my recommendation, before bothering with investigating extensions. If a user experiencing crashes frequently enough, or very, and is using a prior version of Ffx, then simply upgrade to v30 and see how this goes.

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As I previously indicated the crashes continued even after updating to version 30. Thanks for your thoughts, though.

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This may not be of immediate help.

You may have updated it since but your Shockwave Flash 11.8 r800 is very out of date. Flash is up version 14.

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alan_r wrote, "You may have updated it since but your Shockwave Flash 11.8 r800 is very out of date. Flash is up version 14".

There's no mention of who alan_r is replying to. No one else mentioned either "Shockwave" or "Flash" in this page, much less also specifying which version of the player.

Anyway, I'm using Firefox 30 without any problems and am still using Flash, which I just learned from the best Flash Player download page that v13 is definitely outdated:


That page permits downloading in either .exe or .msi format, for users of Windows and presently says that the CURRENT VERSION of Flash is

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mikecorbeil - I'm replying to the original poster, of course. Flash details shown in the System Details above.

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Thanks for the response.