Social Support - Responding from @FirefoxSupport

Responding to support tweets from @FirefoxSupport

Once you’re experienced enough on #fxhelp, you can then apply to the next level of contribution in the Social Support program. A contributor on this level can get access to the Conversocial tool and could answer from our official account, @FirefoxSupport. A contributor must complete two weeks of the first level of involvement to be considered for this set of contributions. See Social Support - Contributor roles to learn more about the different roles on Social Support.

Social Support with Conversocial

If you’ve passed the two weeks incubation period on #fxhelp, you can apply to get access on Conversocial through this form. With Conversocial, a contributor would be able to reply from our official account, @FirefoxSupport. But before applying, make sure that you meet the following criteria to get access to the tool.

Criteria to get access to Social Support on Conversocial

  • You have at least 2 weeks of experience contributing to Social Support using #fxhelp
  • Demonstrate a good sense of support skill and respect to users
  • Provide clear instructions and objective responses
  • Showing interest in improving your responses and seek feedback from other team members
  • Show responsibility for how you speak and how you act on social networks, even if it is your personal account
  • You have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Note: To see the full guidelines on using Conversocial, please see: Social Support - How to use the tool.

Complete Social Support guidelines

If you're interested in supporting Firefox users on social media (mainly, Twitter), please follow along these guidelines that will help explain how we do things:

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